DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea ko Mon, 26 Jun 17 09:02:26 +0900 dailynk logo http://www.dailynk.com/english/img/mark.jpg Orphaned and disabled, one defector tells of his struggle to survive in North Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14583 Today we will speak with Ji Sung Ho, a North Korean man who lost his leg and hand in a sudden accident at the age of 15. His personal experiences thereafter living as a handicapped person in North Korea provide insight into the state of rights for the disabled in North Korea.  Hello Mr. Ji Sung Ho. Please introduce yourself.  I am from Hoeryong City in North Hamgyong Province, a place known for its coal mines. It’s the most northern city on the map. From where I lived, it was a six kilometer walk from t..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Fri, 23 Jun 17 17:36:59 +0900 5 State companies dive head first into smuggling operations http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14579 Laborers from a North Korean foreign currency-earning enterprise smuggle in seafood from China’s Dandong using a small boat. This photo was taken on June 11, 2017. Image: Daily NKAs China increases its implementation of UN sanctions targeting North Korea, customs regulations at border checkpoints have tightened, prompting North Korean trading companies to ramp up their smuggling operations. Daily NK reporter Seol Song Ah witnessed some of these operations taking place openly on the banks of the Yalu river. T..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Fri, 23 Jun 17 17:16:28 +0900 5 North Korean authorities move to conceal alluvial mining http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14578 An alluvial mining field alongside the Amnok river in Hyesan City, Ryanggang Province. The blue circle indicates the alluvial mining pits, the yellow circle indicates the border guard soldiers, and the red circle as well as the left photo shows the panning process. The photo on the left was taken in 2013. Image: Daily NK The North Korean authorities have intervened in alluvial gold mining operations near Hyesan City, Ryanggang Province, near the Amnok (Yalu) River. While it is more practical to process ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Thu, 22 Jun 17 17:32:46 +0900 5 The bridge builder - defector CEO of marriage company in South Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01300&num=14577 Jia Park entered South Korea in 2006. After arriving, Ms Park took over a successful business, the North-South Marriage Information Company. Although there are many companies that arrange meetings between female defectors and South Korean men, Ms Park has built on her personal strengths and first-hand knowledge to lead the firm, which is stable and now heading into its seventh year of operation under her leadership. Ms Park pays careful attention to the smallest details. For instance, when she creates dating plans and give..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ji Seung Thu, 22 Jun 17 15:31:43 +0900 5 North Korea's new smartphone: faster, pricier, & insulated from outside networks http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00400&num=14576 According to a January announcement from Egyptian telecom company Orascom, there are 3.7 million phone subscribers in North Korea. It has now become commonplace for North Koreans to use cellphones to exchange information about the market with each other.Smartphones have also become more and more popular in recent years. Reporter Kim Jiseung has analyzed some of the newest models available.  Daily NK has recently managed to acquire the Pyongyang model smartphone. North Korea also produces the Arirang and Jindallae..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ji Seung Thu, 22 Jun 17 14:18:55 +0900 5 Rise of the bike carrier: Private transport diversifies in North Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14575 In North and South Pyongan Provinces, it costs about 20,000 KPW (~US $2.5) per 40 km to take a taxi, but it is possible to negotiate with the driver. A bus costs about 15,000 KPW (~$1.90) for the same distance, and a motorbike ride costs about 10,000 KPW (~$1.25). Bicycle carriers charge about 5,000 KPW for 12 km (~0.63). Figure: Daily NKBicycle carriers are experiencing an increasing rise in demand in North Korea, offering to transport goods and people at affordable prices. Because of their low cost compared to ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Wed, 21 Jun 17 17:58:27 +0900 5 North Korea ramps up the pressure on South Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03600&num=14574 Following the inauguration of the Moon government, North Korea has announced its position on its relationship with the South for the first time through a statement from the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland (CPRF). The Committee is an organization responsible for North-South relations in North Korea, and a 'statement' is the highest level at which the agency communicates, suggesting that the move reflects the official position of North Korea on the Moon government. CPRF pressures South Korea t..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Ahn Jong Sik, Deputy Head, SBS Political Department Tue, 20 Jun 17 16:29:08 +0900 5 Hoeryong day tour targeting Chinese tourists launched http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14571 View of Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province. Taken from Sanhe, China. Image: Daily NK Single-day bus tours offered from Yanji City (China) to Hoeryong City (North Korea) have reportedly begun.  A source familiar with North Korean affairs in China told Daily NK on June 14 that the bus tours were slated to begin on June 17, departing from Yanji Northeast Asia Bus Terminal at 8am, and entering North Korea via the Sanhe customs office.  "The tour plan includes visits to the Kim Jong Suk statue,..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Yang Jong Ah Tue, 20 Jun 17 16:21:38 +0900 5 MSS arrests four women on suspicion of spying for South Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14570 Four women in their 30s and 40s have been arrested for using Chinese mobile phones in Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province. The North Korean authorities are currently interrogating the women, under accusations that they have been secretly communicating with South Korea. The Hoeryong Ministry of State Security (MSS) anti-espionage department, which is tasked with identifying anti-regime elements and those critical of the regime, has been arresting users of Chinese mobile phones as part of a systematic crackdown. Four..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Lee Sang Yong Tue, 20 Jun 17 15:22:26 +0900 5 Residents rush to reinforce homes ahead of monsoon season despite current drought http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14569  On August 31 last year, widespread flooding hit Namyang Workers' District in Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province. The dyke on the Tumen River collapsed, flooding villages downstream. Image: Daily NK Although North Korea is currently in the midst of a drought, many residents are said to already be worrying about the rainy season and are making repairs to their houses. Kang Mi Jin of Daily NK is here to tell us more. I had a conversation on the phone with sources inside North Korea recently and asked ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 20 Jun 17 12:03:47 +0900 5 Toiletpaper brand marks status in North Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14568 Here in South Korea, thrifty spending is all the rage as people look to tighten the purse strings. People in North Korea are also adapting to consumer culture, thanks to the gradual and continuing process of marketization that is transforming North Korean society. Daily NK reporter Kang Mi Jin is here to tell us more.  Although the growth forecast is perking up for South Korea’s economy, consumers are still feeling financial constraints. The TV shows here are packed with stories of frugal customers. One such program e..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 20 Jun 17 11:22:17 +0900 5 Female merchants pay bribes to dodge forced labor campaign http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14567 Leaders of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea are accepting large bribes in exchange for excusing female merchants from organizational activities and forced agricultural mobilizations. According to inside sources, the heads of the Women’s Union branches have amassed new powers and gained new opportunities to engage in corruption as a side-effect of the country’s marketization.   Despite increasing restrictions form the central authorities, many women are looking to avoid rice-planting mobilizations and other st..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Mon, 19 Jun 17 11:57:50 +0900 5 North Korean coal business in jeopardy after four months of export suspension http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14566 As China's suspension of coal imports continues for more than four months, many North Korean residents who once relied on the coal industry are finding themselves destitute. China has stepped up its participation in UNSC sanctions against North Korea by blocking the import of coal, resulting in hundreds of coal mine workers belonging to trading companies in Sunchon (South Pyongan Province) losing their jobs. In addition, local purchasing power has declined, along with a breakdown in logistics and the circulation of mo..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Fri, 16 Jun 17 15:38:53 +0900 5 Authorities place CCTV cameras at village archives http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14564 Sales of surveillance equipment are advertised on a billboard on the outer wall of a store in Yonggwang Street, Jung District, Pyongyang. Image: Daily NKThe North Korean authorities are reportedly installing security cameras (CCTV) at national archive centers that house official documents. The efforts appear to be aimed at preventing domestic information leaks.  Even a small town in Komdok County, South Hamgyong Province has suddenly installed CCTV cameras at the village archives. "Recently, the authorities ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Fri, 16 Jun 17 14:31:16 +0900 5 Provincial offices of the MSS losing out to the Workers' Party http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14562 The authority of the North Korean security and legal agencies has been in decline recently, leading to an expansion of authority for the Korean Workers' Party. One prominent indication of this was the abrupt dismissal of the former head of the Ministry of State Security, Kim Won Hong, for abuse of power. These agencies previously wielded extensive authority and its officials regularly engaged in violence and threats against residents. After the head of North Korea’s intelligence and security body was fired earlier thi..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Fri, 16 Jun 17 11:50:49 +0900 5 Kim Jong Suk Sanatorium refuses entry to honorary soldiers who cannot afford payment http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14561 North Korea officially has a policy of universal free medical care described in its constitution. However in reality, most healthcare facilities will refuse even honorary soldiers who are considered model citizens if they lack the funds to pay for their own treatment.  The Kim Jong Suk Sanatorium is located in Kyongsong County, North Hamgyong Province. The facility features a combination of climate therapy, mud therapy, and physical therapy focusing on spa treatments. In addition, the facility has highly trained ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Lee Sang Yong Fri, 16 Jun 17 11:37:26 +0900 5 Questions arise on the fate of Kim Jong Nam's body http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14559 The issue of how Kim Jong Un disposed of the body of his half-brother Kim Jong Nam has become a central topic of interest in North Korea’s marketplaces. Although the North Korean authorities received the body, no official announcement has been made, let alone a funeral service. Rumors that the body must have been secretly buried are spreading among the residents.  On March 31, 46 days after the murder of Kim Jong Nam, his body was repatriated to North Korea. The handover followed a period of diplomatic tension be..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Fri, 16 Jun 17 11:27:53 +0900 5 Korea Hana Foundation exposes corrupt ex-employee http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14558 The Korea Hana Foundation conducted a cooperative audit with the Ministry of Unification from March 27 to April 20 and reportedly identified corruption by the ex-manager of its information technology team, identified only as Mr. Ryu, who worked under the Protection and Settlement Assistance for North Korean Defectors Act.   A joint audit by the Ministry of Unification and the Korea Hana Foundation determined that since September 2011, Mr. Ryu received a total of 160 million KPW from seven cooperative firms includ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Lee Sang Yong Thu, 15 Jun 17 17:11:54 +0900 5 Female donju rise to prominence in the taxi industry http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14557 An increasing number of female donju (newly-affluent middle class women) are reportedly entering the taxi industry and employing male drivers. These women are purchasing their own vehicles and becoming influential players in the private taxi industry. Since the rise of marketization began in the early 2000s, female donju have become an emerging economic pillar in North Korean society. Symbolic of this rise is the fact that many of these women can now hire male party members who formerly wielded authority over them.&nb..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Thu, 15 Jun 17 17:11:54 +0900 5 North Korea attempts to tame the Moon government http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00400&num=14556 South Korea’s newly-elected government has approved requests by civil organizations to contact North Korea as a gesture intended to initiate the warming of relations. However, the North Korean government has responded coldly, rejecting the series of overtures. Kim (reporter), can you tell us why North Korea, which has been emphasizing an improvement in relations between the two Koreas, is rejecting the South Korean government's proposal for exchanges? Although it’s true that the Moon government is showing a flexible a..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Wed, 14 Jun 17 17:34:02 +0900 5 North Korea rejects Moon government's overtures http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03600&num=14555 DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Ahn Jong Sik, Deputy Head, SBS Political Department Wed, 14 Jun 17 17:24:08 +0900 5 Regime reclaims private plots for reforestation efforts http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00400&num=14553 Earlier this month, Daily NK reported that the North Korean regime announced its intentions to reclaim small private plots being used for farming in mountain areas, prompting an outcry from residents. Today we will take a closer look at the recent developments and their implications with Daily NK Reporter Lee Sang Yong. Mr Lee, can you tell us why the North Korean authorities made the decision? The stated aim of the measure is to recover farmland that has been cultivated in a disorderly manner for reforestation effort..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Wed, 14 Jun 17 13:00:33 +0900 5 Market prices leap as China implements strengthened customs procedures http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14552 Chinese trucks wait to enter North Korea in the Quanhe Commercial District, Hunchun City, Jilin Province. Photo: Daily NKCommodity prices are rising significantly in North Korea’s border regions, including North Hamgyong Province, Ryanggang Province, and North Pyongan Province, as China implements strengthened customs procedures. According to Daily NK’s sources, the rice price has risen from 4,800 KPW to 5,200 KPW per kilo at Hoeryong Market in North Hamgyong Province. Similarly, 25 kg bags of flour have risen by..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Lee Sang Yong Tue, 13 Jun 17 18:04:28 +0900 5 Unification teacher Lee Da Eun built her dream step by step http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01300&num=14551 Lee Da Un with some of her students. Image: Daily NKLee Da Eun was born in Ryanggang Province, North Korea, and has been living in South Korea since 2007. She currently works as a teacher on the subject of unification in schools across the country, with her class material covering the daily lives of North Korean residents and students. Lee says that she started the job to help spread awareness about North Korean society and that she feels rewarded when students ask pointed questions, even during break time. "To become..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ji Seung Mon, 12 Jun 17 17:13:07 +0900 5 Vegetable prices rise: ripple effect of sanctions http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14546 Vegetable prices are continuing to rise during North Korea’s so-called “farm hardship period,” causing difficulties for ordinary residents struggling to put food on the table. For more details, we turn to economic correspondent Kang Mi Jin.   The “farming hardship period” refers to the time that spans the beginning of seed-planting in early May to the first harvest of spring potatoes in mid-June. Every year, the vegetable prices will generally fall thereafter in the summer, coming as something of a respite to the..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Mon, 12 Jun 17 16:35:46 +0900 5 [Video] Private businesses triumph over state-run http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03200&num=14550 Above: An exclusive video showing footage from markets in North Korea’s North Hamgyong Province. Video also available on Youtube (please seek permission from Unification Media group before use or reproduction of the video). Although North Korea’s private economy continues to develop, the public sector is showing signs of rapid decline. This is partly explained by the rise of North Korea’s newly-affluent middle class, who are referred to as “the donju.” Donju traders study the preferences of consumers in order to make ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Mon, 12 Jun 17 11:56:05 +0900 5 North Korean state-run smuggling persists despite sanctions http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14549 From May North Koreans of all ages have been gathering reed leaves for the state to sell to the Chinese market. Figure: Daily NKDespite strong international sanctions against North Korea, the area around the Amnok (Yalu) River separating China’s Liaoning Province Dandong City from North Korea’s North Pyongan Province is rife with smuggling activity. Trading companies are taking the lead in earning foreign currency with the tacit consent of border guards, who receive bribes in return.   Since May last year, many N..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Sat, 10 Jun 17 14:04:38 +0900 5 'The Leech:' security official amasses fortune blackmailing residents http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14548 Today we’re speaking with Daily NK reporter Lee Sang Yong. Can you tell us a little about the background on the story? An inside informant from Hyesan City in Ryanggang Province relayed this story to us by phone. According to the source, a commander at a Ministry of State Security (MSS) Conspiracy Research Office has been threatening residents and abusing his authority to extract bribes.  Provincial offices of the MSS are tasked with monitoring the ideology and behavior of residents. The offices are also res..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Fri, 09 Jun 17 01:08:30 +0900 5 North Korea market prices show no signs of dipping after surge http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14547 Product prices have jumped recently in the markets of NorthKorea. This is not unusual during the month of May. However, unlike years past,there are still no signs of the prices returning to normal levels. Followingthe introduction of new international sanctions in early 2016, prices remainedrelatively stable, but fluctuations have recently started to emerge and thesituation is making it harder for ordinary residents to get by. To learn more,we now turn to economic reporter Kang Mi Jin.Let’s start by looking at the most imp..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Thu, 08 Jun 17 00:43:11 +0900 5 Corruption prevalent on Children's Day in North Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14545 Children at the Taedongmun Kindergarten in Pyongyang. (2017.06.01) Image: Rodong Sinmun June 1 was International Children's Day, an event celebrated annually in North Korea and similar to South Korea's Childrens' Day. Kindergartens across North Korea organized athletics and mountain climbing events on the day. Although appearing to be ordinary celebrations, the pervasive culture of corruption was evident. "For Children's Day events, parents prepared clothes, shoes, and lunchboxes. Richer parents spend 50,000..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Wed, 07 Jun 17 00:06:36 +0900 5 North Korean residents reflect on presidents Trump and Moon http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14544 Reports are emerging that the newly elected South Korean president Moon Jae In and US president Donald Trump have become hot topics of conversation in the North Korean markets. Many North Koreans are currently mobilizing for the "rice-planting battle," and hoping for improved foreign relations. For this reason, people in the marketplaces are discussing the US and South Korean presidents and speculating on the possibility of improving foreign relations. "These days, people are spending a lot of time in the markets, tal..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Tue, 06 Jun 17 23:43:12 +0900 5 How to effect lasting change in North Korea: Interview with KINU Director Son Gi Woong http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk02500&num=14543 As South Korea’s new president Moon Jae In settles into office, focus is turning towards the incoming administration’s North Korea policy. Unlike conservative governments, which have favored sanctions and pressure, the new liberal government is seen as more likely to pursue dialogue with the North. But will such a change in policy be effective in improving North-South relations and changing the regime’s determination to develop nuclear weapons? To find out more, we sat down with Korea Institute for National Unification (KI..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Mon, 05 Jun 17 23:51:10 +0900 5 MSS agent in Hoeryong stabbed while on duty http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14542 It has been reported that an Ministry of State Security agent working as a surveillance patrol officer at the No. 10 guard post in Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province, was stabbed by a knife-wielding assailant while on duty. The Ministry of State Security immediately dispatched a team of investigators to the region, but has yet to identify suspects. The incident occurred on May 9 and the victim remains in a critical condition. Due to timely aid from his colleagues, he managed to survive and is currently in hospital..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Mon, 05 Jun 17 23:11:46 +0900 5 Authorities to reclaim land used for private farms http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14541 Private farming plots can be seen in a hilly region flanking an apartment complex in North Hamgyong Province. The photograph was taken in April 2016. Image: Daily NK. The North Korean authorities have recently issued warnings that the state will reclaim land currently being used by residents for farming. The announcements have caused caused serious concern from those who rely on the plots for survival. The efforts by the state to ban cultivation on private plots falls in line with Kim Jong Un’s reforestation policies. Resi..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Fri, 02 Jun 17 08:03:57 +0900 5 North Korean vendors smuggle oil from China by rail http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14540 The international community has been paying close attention to whether China will restrict the supply of crude oil to North Korea in response to its continued nuclear and missile development. Although the Chinese government has yet to state an official position, rumors have been spreading throughout North Korea, creating anxiety amongst residents.  A source in North Hamgyong Province reports that the volume of oil coming in from China has significantly decreased. Although the rumors have yet to come to fruition, ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Wed, 31 May 17 23:55:24 +0900 5 Is there an engagement policy that works for Moon and the citizens of North Korea? http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00300&num=14539 As power shifts in South Korea from the conservatives to the liberals for the first time in nine years, the North Korean regime and its citizens are pondering what changes will come to the inter-Korean relationship. South Korean president Moon Jae In is also considering his options in trying to effect a change in Kim Jong Un's calculus and improve the lives of citizens in the North. The following exchange with Daily NK reporter Choi Song Min explores the options for President Moon and Kim Jong Un as we enter a new period o..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Choi Song Min Tue, 30 May 17 09:24:21 +0900 5 Rice-planting season spells more forced labor for residents http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00300&num=14538 Every year throughout May and June, the North Korean authorities launch the nation’s so-called “rice planting battle.” During this period, citizens of all ages are required to put aside their normal work duties and school classes to work on farms under the hot sun. Today, we’re speaking with Daily NK reporter Choi Song Min to find out more about this grueling experience.   1. Farmers work hard in South Korea during rice-planting season as well, but they don’t call it a “battle.” How grueling is the task in North ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Choi Song Min Tue, 30 May 17 09:14:18 +0900 5 MSS official abuses her authority to exploit Hoeryong residents http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14537 This case has been reported to Daily NK by a source who, for security reasons, can only go by the alias Lee, a resident of Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province. Lee reports that a senior MSS anti-espionage agent in Hoeryong City, Major Kim Sun Ok, has been abusing her authority and exploiting residents. Regional anti-espionage agents often wield absolute power and extort large sums of money in the name of cracking down on the use of Chinese mobile phones.  Major Kim has reportedly been engaged in corruption and..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 30 May 17 09:04:46 +0900 5 Commemorative snack packages flop at markets http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14533 Daily NK obtained one of the snack packs distributed to North Korean children in commemoration of Kim Il Sung's 105th birthday anniversary.Image: Daily NKSnack packs provided by the regime to children have lost their appeal in the markets. Despite their cheap price, the low quality of manufacture and bland flavors are translating into poor sales. There have been reports of "blessings of the sovereign state" propaganda and pictures of missiles on snack packages intended as gifts for children in commemoration of Kim Il Sung'..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Fri, 26 May 17 17:03:54 +0900 5 Hurdles to clear while chasing unification by absorption http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14536 Considering the gaping civilizational divide between North and South Korea, what is the most realistic pathway toward reunification? It is currently unrealistic to envision reunification occurring with the North Korea’s present leadership, and therefore it can only happen after the collapse of the North’s hereditary dictatorship. From a logical point of view, it could be acceptable for a different representative government of the North Korean people to enter into an agreement with the South to unify, but that remains a rem..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Daily NK Fri, 26 May 17 09:44:16 +0900 5 [Photos] Ryomyong Street hype still going strong http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14535 Promotional posters for Ryomyong Street shown at a tram station (left) near the Grand People's Study House in Pyongyang and in promotional materials for the 2017 National Industrial Art Exhibition (right). Image: Daily NKThe North Korean authorities continue to distribute propaganda detailing Pyongyang’s lavish Ryomyong Street as a major achievement for Kim Jong Un across the nation, including at schools, enterprises, and on the streets, as seen in photos obtained by Daily NK. "Photos of Ryomyong Street, which has bee..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Thu, 25 May 17 21:02:14 +0900 5 North Korean residents increasingly cynical about loyalty to the regime http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14532 A man in his 40s living in Musan County, North Hamgyong Province, lost his son during the widespread flooding that occurred last summer and bitterly regrets the turn of events. His son reportedly drowned while the father was trying to save portraits of the Kim family. "A man who chose to save portraits of the Kim family over the life of his own son is now regretting his decision bitterly. People around him are saying, 'How could you let your son drift away just so you could save the portraits?’” a source in North Hamg..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Wed, 24 May 17 17:40:01 +0900 5 Regime ratchets up ideological training for 'jangmadang generation' http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14531 Officials in the North Korean city of Rason have ordered local youth to attend lectures on the Ten Principles for the Establishment of the One-Ideology System and to memorize the words of the Kim family leaders. The efforts appear to be part of a renewed bid by the North Korean authorities to strengthen ideological indoctrination amongst the so-called market generation.The Rason City Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League (formerly known as the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League) has reportedly been forcing local youth to ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Tue, 23 May 17 17:57:49 +0900 5 Joint camp at Korean War excavation site for youth of both Koreas http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14530 A camping trip to honor the Korean War fallen was held from May 18 to 20 in Yanggu, South Korea, with youth participants from both Koreas in attendance.The camp was organized by NAUH (Now Action & Unity for Human Rights) with the goal of paying respects to the souls of those who died and to recognize the tragedy of war and the importance of peace.The camp was attended by 20 North Korean youth defectors, including those from military families and previously homeless orphans, and 20 South Korean ROTC (Reserve Officers’ T..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ji Seung Tue, 23 May 17 17:11:58 +0900 5 Even North Korea's state stores sell banned South Korean clothing http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14529 As the warmer weather sweeps across the peninsula, summer clothes are becoming a hot item in the marketplace. For people in both North and South Korea, summer means finding a way to beat the heat and deal with the rain. Despite laws that ban the sale of South Korean-made products like raincoats, consumer affinity for such items continues to grow. For more, we turn to Economic Correspondent Kang Mi JinOver the past week, it has been raining here in South Korea. People have been ducking the rain and rushing from their homes ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 23 May 17 15:55:22 +0900 5 Land tax suddenly increased 75%, drawing residents' ire http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14526 Since the end of last year, the North Korean regime has raised the land tax rate that it imposes on residents by 75 percent and angered residents, many of whom regard these plots as a valued part of their livelihood system.North Korea does not officially have a system of taxation, after it was abolished with much fanfare in the 1970s; however, North Korea began to collect land taxes in the early 2000s. Since then, the regime has raised the rate slightly, but it remained around 40 KPW (approximately 0.005 USD) per pyeong (1..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Mon, 22 May 17 18:27:21 +0900 5 [Photo] North Korea constructs new barbed wire fences to prevent defections in flood-hit regions http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14525 A photo of a barbed wire fence being installed in Sambongli, Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province. Image: Daily NKDaily NK has received an image of a barbed wire fence being installed in a border area of North Hamgyong Province, which was hit by massive flooding last year. The fence’s construction by the North Korean authorities is intended to prevent defections."Since early this month (May), about 8 North Korean soldiers have been seen planting concrete piles for the barbed wire fences in Sambongli region, which wa..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Sat, 20 May 17 09:53:33 +0900 5 Suseo police station hosts concert for locals and North Korean defectors http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14524 On May 16, a concert for local residents and North Korean defectors was hosted in Maru Park by the Suseo police station. Image: Daily NKA concert was hosted on May 16 by the Suseo police station for local residents and North Korean defectors in Maru Park in Ilwon’s Gangnam district to celebrate diversity within the community. The event was attended by approximately 1,000 local residents and North Korean defectors.The concert featured performances by the police band, followed by song and dance routines performed by the Suse..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Sat, 20 May 17 09:39:16 +0900 5 Air Koryo suspends 'Pyongyang-Dandong' route http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14523 Dandong is now missing from the list of destinations offered on Air Koryo’s homepage. Image: Air Koryo homepageFlights previously offered by North Korea’s national airline Air Koryo between the Chinese city of Dandong and North Korea’s Pyongyang appear to have been suspended.As of May 16, Dandong had disappeared from the list of destinations offered on the homepage of Air Koryo. The only remaining air routes between China and North Korea are now between Pyongyang-Beijing and Pyongyang-Shenyang. According to Yonhap New..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Sat, 20 May 17 09:33:56 +0900 5 Children's holiday snack pack features missile illustration http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14522 Photo of a gift package distributed to elementary schools across the country for Kim Il Sung's birthday. An image of children flying on a missilelabeled with the words 'strong and prosperous nation' can be seen. Photo: Daily NKThe North Korean authorities distributed snack gift packages emblazoned with an image of a missile to children across the country for the 105th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birthday (April 15). One of these packages was obtained by Daily NK’s Seoul office.In the 2000s, these gift packages were typica..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Fri, 19 May 17 18:16:19 +0900 5