DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea ko Fri, 20 Oct 17 06:50:44 +0900 dailynk logo http://www.dailynk.com/english/img/mark.jpg Chinese authorities threaten to arrest Daily NK reporters http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14769 The Chinese authorities have recently stepped up inspections and security along the border with North Korea. The authorities in Dandong, Liaoning Province, issued a warning specific to Daily NK last year after an incident involving South Koreans. This marks the first time this organization has been mentioned by name by Chinese public security officers.A source along the border with knowledge of the situation recently spoke to Daily NK about an incident in July 2016 when the Chinese authorities arrested a group of South Kor..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Thu, 19 Oct 17 16:57:49 +0900 5 Is there a place for South Korea in Kissinger's US-China 'grand bargain?' http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03600&num=14768 A recent visit to the White House by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has fueled rumors around the chances for a "grand bargain" between the US and China to address the North Korea problem. It remains unclear exactly how the visit may influence US President Trump's decisions, but the fact remains that the US will likely have to deal with China directly in order to make any progress on North Korea. Why a "grand agreement" between the US and China?The simplest and potentially most effective solution to the inte..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Ahn Jong Sik, Deputy Head, SBS Political Department Thu, 19 Oct 17 16:31:36 +0900 5 Food insecurity riles North Korea's poorest provinces http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14767 An increasing number of North Koreans are suffering from the effects of food insecurity and malnutrition, according to inside sources who spoke with Daily NK. A rumor is circulating in Ryanggang and North Hamgyong provinces that the body of someone who starved to death has been seen near the train station in Hyesan City.“More than a handful of people have come forward and said that they saw the body of someone who starved to death near the Hyesan train station. The food situation was relatively good for the past few years,..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Wed, 18 Oct 17 15:25:42 +0900 5 City merchants fanning out across country for better opportunities http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14765 Unification Media Group (UMG): With the Chuseok holiday passed and the weather cooling down, people across North Korea are beginning preparations for the fall harvest. Reporter Kang Mi Jin joins us to discuss how merchants are responding to rumors of a poor harvest. Kang Mi Jin (Kang): Although South Koreans enjoyed an extended week-long holiday for Chuseok, North Koreans only received a single day of official holiday. Most would likely have worked through the holiday even if it were as long as the South's, due to dir..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Wed, 18 Oct 17 15:08:10 +0900 5 North Korean delegation struggles to deny accusations of forced child labor. http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk02500&num=14764 With the international community focusing on widespread reports of human rights violations taking place in North Korea, the North Korean regime is struggling to defend itself. Recently, North Korea attempted to challenge the international community’s criticisms of violations of children's rights, but instead ended up acknowledging the serious extent of the problem. The events unfolded on September 20 at a review meeting of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in Geneva, Switzerland.For further insights into th..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Wed, 18 Oct 17 11:03:28 +0900 5 Repatriations on the rise as brokers seek profits over all else http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14763 A street in Dandong City, China, where many defectors find themselves after crossing the border. Image: Daily NK. Conditions for defectors attempting to leave the country continue to deteriorate, in part due to the strengthening of the Chinese government’s domestic surveillance efforts. Officers from the Chinese Ministry of People’s Security (police) have enhanced their ability to identify and apprehend North Korean defectors being transported by professional brokers, who make a living by guiding them through China’s dange..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Wed, 18 Oct 17 10:03:48 +0900 5 New top seller highlights North Koreans' shifting values http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14762 Poster scrolls carrying messages wishing for family harmony through financial success have become a popular item in North Korea’s markets. The popularity of the scrolls is thought to be indicative of shifting values in North Korea, wherein financial success has become more important than worshiping the Kim family. “We receive nothing from the authorities, so the scrolls are really tapping into the idea that we must unite as a family and make ends meet ourselves,” a source in South Pyongan Province said.The scrolls sel..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Tue, 17 Oct 17 17:24:24 +0900 5 Authorities increase monitoring of defector families http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14761 The North Korean authorities are stepping up efforts to prevent the escape of more citizens from the country with new tactics focusing on intimidation. To monitor the family members of defectors, the regime is now dispatching up to as many as seven officers per case in some instances. These officers are regularly visiting the homes of the families to threaten and intimidate them. A source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK on October 12 that the "authorities are targeting the families of 'traitors', especially those ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Mon, 16 Oct 17 16:16:44 +0900 5 Public distribution system shifted to district offices http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14759 Although North Korea’s state distribution system essentially ceased functioning years ago, some local district authorities are looking to regain some of the public’s lost loyalty through new programs. A source in Ryanggang Province informed Daily NK on October 12 that the Hyesan People's Committee handed down a directive in September for the old distribution centers to be shut and for local district offices to take over distribution of "holiday gifts and special distributions." The state distribution centers were..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Mon, 16 Oct 17 15:51:17 +0900 5 Kim attempts to reassert Party authority despite resistance http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14758 Unification Media Group (UMG): This past Tuesday, October 10th, North Korea celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the Workers' Party of Korea. While Kim Jong Un announced a shift away from Songun ideology towards one of simultaneous nuclear and economic development at the 7th Party Congress last year, many party members are feeling discontent, even as Kim tries to elevate the party back to its former glory. Reporter Seol Song Ah joins us to discuss the latest developments. Seol Song Ah (Seol): The Workers..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Sat, 14 Oct 17 16:15:34 +0900 5 Authorities demand Chinese yuan for mandatory new license plates http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14757 The North Korean authorities are enforcing a new law requiring all vehicle owners to re-register and purchase new license plates. Image: Daily NKThe North Korean authorities began efforts to re-register all vehicles and motorbikes in the country late last year, ordering all license plates to be changed as well. While it appears the transition is nearing completion, sources have informed Daily NK that the new license plates must be purchased in Chinese currency, rather than North Korean Won. Accusations are rising that the ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Sat, 14 Oct 17 14:40:59 +0900 5 Fear of forced repatriation rising among defectors in China http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14755 Yanji, Jilin Province, China. The largest number of North Korean defectors in the country is thought to reside here. The city is also known to have the largest number of defector arrests. Image: Daily NKNorth Korean defectors living in northeast China continue to fear for their safety as North Korean and Chinese authorities ramp up efforts to arrest and repatriate them back to the North. Although such individuals have always been mindful of their illegal status, the past year has seen a shift in policy to a point where eve..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ga Young Thu, 12 Oct 17 16:09:26 +0900 5 North Korean police active in drug trade http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14756 Unification Media Group (UMG): We are here with reporter Yeom Seung Cheol today to discuss cases of human rights violations enabled by the North Korean regime. Yeom Seung Cheol (Yeom): This story was passed to us from an informant called Mr. Choi (pseudonym) who resides in North Korea’s Hyesan city. Mr. Choi’s testimony provides us with details of Major Park Chul Kwang’s corrupt and abusive behavior. Major Park is currently a supervisor at Ryanggang Province’s Ministry of People's Security unit.  According to Mr...]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Thu, 12 Oct 17 16:03:11 +0900 5 Snacks in short supply over Chuseok holiday http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14754 Individually-wrapped cookies available in North Korea. These products are typically too expensive for the average citizen to afford during the holidays. Varieties from left to right: milk, carrot, tomato, vitamin-rich, carrot, lysine-rich. Image: Daily NKUnification Media Group (UMG): We are accustomed to complaining about how quickly the holidays seem to pass, and these sorts of remarks are also common in North Korea after the long Chuseok holiday. However, although many in the South worry about shopping, cooking, an..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Wed, 11 Oct 17 15:51:47 +0900 5 Farmers guard fields night and day to prevent theft http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14753 A farm near a village in North Hamgyong Province with a purpose-built guard tower (yellow circle) and a makeshift guard post (yellow arrow) constructed to help farmers watch over the field.This year's harvest in North Korea is projected to be worse than last, fueling growing concerns among farmers that thieves may target their already meager yields due to shortages in the markets.  Sources in North Korea have informed Daily NK that as the fall harvest begins, thefts of grain from farms is expected to continue, ca..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Wed, 11 Oct 17 14:43:34 +0900 5 Rising product prices dampen Chuseok holiday spirit http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14752 A North Korean resident returns home after visiting an ancestral gravesite during last year’s Chuseok holiday. The hillside family grave markers are circled. Image: Daily NKMany North Koreans spent less on table offerings for this year’s Chuseok festivities compared to years past. International sanctions appear to be putting a squeeze on Chinese imports into the country, while prices in the market are also on their way up, owing to rising oil costs.    “It might be due to the international sanctions, but prices a..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Tue, 10 Oct 17 14:53:25 +0900 5 North Korean overseas laborers give 70% of wages to state http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14747 North Korean laborers dispatched to China are forced to hand over a significant portion of their wages to the state, a special investigation by Daily NK and Unification Media Group has found. The authorities demand money in the pretext of “brokerage fees” and “party fees.” The amount was different according to the kind of work being performed, but on average, they were made to fork over 70% of earnings, leaving 30% for their own pocket. However, a portion of this is usually remitted to relatives back in North Korea, leavin..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 10 Oct 17 14:21:11 +0900 5 North Korean domestic products occupying 50% of the market http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14751 Snacks produced by a North Korean state-owned enterprise. Image: Daily NKMultiple sources in North Korea are reporting that the availability of domestically-produced products has been increasing in the country’s markets. Until a few years ago, most of the products sold in the markets were of Chinese origin, but now an estimated half of all goods available are made in North Korea.It appears that some of these products are produced by state-owned enterprises in line with Kim Jong Un's domestic policy to generate more income ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Mon, 09 Oct 17 15:28:35 +0900 5 More North Korean factory workers in Dandong repatriated http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14750 Inside a sewing factory in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China. Once packed with North Korean workers, it has recently become vacant. Image: Daily NKChina's active participation in UNSC Resolution 2371 has led to a rejection of visa extensions for North Korean workers, forcing many to return to North Korea, Daily NK has learned"There used to be 300 North Korean workers here. But due to the recently adopted UNSC resolution on sanctions against the North, 170 were forced to return to the North in the middle of their contr..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Mon, 09 Oct 17 15:07:57 +0900 5 [Photos] Chinese authorities crack down on North Korean smuggling with checkpoints http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14749 Chinese authorities conducting inspections in Dandong City near the border with North Korea. Military dogs were mobilized to assist. Image: Daily NK (taken last week). Chinese authorities have set up strict checkpoints near the border regions with North Korea in Liaoning Province, Dandong City, including the mobilization of military dogs.  This latest measure appears to be the Chinese government’s attempt to close down smuggling routes that have provided holes in the international sanction campaign against the North K..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Fri, 06 Oct 17 16:01:12 +0900 5 Once flourishing Rason hard hit by sanctions, exiting Chinese http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14748 As China began to enforce stricter implementation of imports from North Korea, Chinese vehicles began to face long lines before passing the customs office in North Hamgyong Province, Wonjong-ri. Image: Daily NK; Taken on August 15, 2017.The North Korean city of Rason, located in North Hamgyong Province, used to play host to bustling trade and business collaboration between Chinese and North Korean entities. But now that international sanctions have started to bite, the region is feeling the pain. The mood surrounding ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Thu, 05 Oct 17 15:52:52 +0900 5 Despite Kim's war drum, no signs of battle prep in North http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14746 The North Korean regime has announced in messages to the international community that the country is prepared to go to war. However, to date, there have been no observable indicators that the country is on war footing. As the war of words between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues, the atmosphere within the North has become more tense, but inside sources have not reported any special military movements or mandatory training for residents.    “After Kim Jong Un delivered a pers..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Wed, 04 Oct 17 04:02:50 +0900 5 Organized system of terror suffocates freedom of expression http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14745 Unification Media Group (UMG): Today, we will speak with Park Myung Shim. She was arrested and tortured by the State Security Department for possessing foreign videos, and her parents were eventually imprisoned in a political prison camp.Hello, Ms. Park. Please introduce yourself. Park Myung Shim (Park): I was born and raised in North Hamgyong Province, Onsong County, Sambong District. I defected from North Korea when I was 19 years old in 2004 and lived in China for two years before resettling in South Korea in 2006...]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 03 Oct 17 14:05:26 +0900 5 Eyeing quality, North Koreans prefer domestic sanitary napkins http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=14744 A group of consumers in South Korea has banded together to demand refunds after potential health risks came to light with a certain company’s sanitary pads. Although it has not yet been determined whether a proven health risk exists, female consumers tend to be extra cautious when it comes to hygiene products. The news has also provoked some level of curiosity about the market for sanitary pads in North Korea. In the past, the state produced and distributed a standardized type of sanitary pad, but there are now v..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ji Seung Tue, 03 Oct 17 13:40:10 +0900 5 Chinese customs officers conduct strict inspections to prevent gasoline smuggling http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14743 It has been reported that China’s customs officers have ramped up the level of their inspections focusing on gasoline smuggling by North Korean merchants. The Chinese authorities appear to be taking firm action in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2375 on sanctions against North Korea. On September 11, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2375 on sanctions against North Korea which includes a 30% reduction in the supply of oil to North Korea. Following this, China’s customs offices have strengthened in..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Mon, 02 Oct 17 05:47:02 +0900 5 Jin Hye Soon tells her story through music http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01300&num=14742 Jin Hye Soon (pictured above) affectionately known as “The Andong Bride” to mabig ny of her fans, is an acoustic guitarist who arrived in South Korea in 2008. As she begins strumming her guitar under a glittering spotlight, the voices of her fans cheering "Andong Bride" fill the room. She has become somewhat of a local celebrity in Andong, where she is often recognized by people while she shops at the market near her house. Her ongoing love for the guitar began 9 years ago. She took a four-month acoustic guitar class ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Ji Seung Mon, 02 Oct 17 03:44:17 +0900 5 North Korean authorities encourage reporting on defectors and spies http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14740 The North Korean authorities have increased the number of mandatory lectures for residents, who are now focusing on a reporting system for those visiting from other regions to the border areas. The efforts are seen as part of wider attempts to further control the movement of people while strengthening punishments for the use of Chinese mobile phones, in order to prevent defections."Since August, the authorities have been emphasizing through daily lectures the importance of thoroughly reporting on unauthorized visitors. The..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Fri, 29 Sep 17 16:17:41 +0900 5 Carpe oil: North Korean rich go into refinery business http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14739 Unification Media Group (UMG): As a result of North Korea’s continuous nuclear and missile provocations, the United Nations Security Council has adopted new resolutions that restrict coal and oil imports into the country. Due to these measures, product prices within the country are fluctuating, and vendors are looking for new opportunities to make money. Stronger sanctions resolutions have passed the UN since March this year, with particular emphasis on oil and coal sales in and out of the country. Rice prices have gone up..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Fri, 29 Sep 17 15:54:37 +0900 5 North Korea installs high-performance radar detectors in border area http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14738 A North Korean soldier watches a cruise ship from a North Korean army post near the Yalu river in Dandong, Liaoning Province, China. Image: Daily NKAs the North Korean government tightens its control over the use of Chinese mobile phones, it has been reported that advanced radars that can trace callers within a minute have been recently installed in the border areas of North Hamgyong Province."Recently, a number of residents who used Chinese mobile phones to make external calls from Hoeryong City have all been arreste..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Tue, 26 Sep 17 12:45:25 +0900 5 North Korean men wary of wearing bright-colored jackets http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14737 Taken on North Korea’s Party Foundation Day on October 10 last year. On their way home, North Korean men can be seen wearing darker-colored clothes than women. Image: Daily NKUnification Media Group [UMG]: Although the late summer heat still lingers on, it has become quite chilly in the morning and evening. People are making purchases for the colder weather in the markets and department stores. In North Korea, they’ve already begun their winter preparations. Reporter Kang Mi Jin is here to tell us more.Reporter K..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Tue, 26 Sep 17 11:16:28 +0900 5 Regime begins crackdown on ‘grasshopper’ vendors http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14735 It has been reported that the North Korean authorities in Ryanggang Province have initiated a crackdown on so-called grasshopper vendors who conduct unregistered business near state-sanctioned General Markets."The number of people selling goods in the town streets near the markets and bridges has declined noticeably because the Provincial People's Committee has issued instructions to crack down on grasshopper vendors. There are many of these sorts of vendors, who opt to pay bribes in return for being excused from agricultu..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Tue, 26 Sep 17 10:47:18 +0900 5 North Korean border guards cross border to use Chinese mobile phone http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14733 A North Korean soldier watches a cruise ship from an army post near the Yalu River in Dandong, Liaoning Province. Image: Daily NKThe North Korean government has strengthened crackdowns on the use of Chinese mobile phones and defections, while the Chinese government has intensified its crackdowns on smuggling activity. Recently, two North Korean soldiers reportedly crossed the river to borrow a Chinese mobile phone. Although desertion, plundering, and threats by North Korean soldiers are frequent in the Tumen River basin wh..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Mon, 25 Sep 17 17:32:42 +0900 5 Volatile gasoline prices in Pyongyang http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14736 Following the country’s sixth nuclear test on September 3, fuel prices in North Korea have been subject to unusual volatility. The price of fuel soared in April and rose again slightly in September. But it has been reported that gasoline coupons have not been influenced by the price fluctuations, and are being actively traded on the North Korean black markets."As fuel prices have been fluctuating, gasoline coupons have become popular items in Pyongyang's black markets. The merchants who previously bought dozens of coupons ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Mon, 25 Sep 17 17:28:17 +0900 5 A look at possible US military options on North Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03600&num=14734 US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has alluded to the existence of military options against North Korea that could spare Seoul from serious risk. Following the comments, US President Donald Trump said, "If [the US] is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea," at a keynote speech for the United Nations General Assembly.A Blue House (South Korean presidential residence) official surmised that Trump's remarks appear to be emphasizing the theoretical principle that the..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Ahn Jong Sik, Deputy Head, SBS Political Department Mon, 25 Sep 17 12:27:08 +0900 5 Images show changing modes of transport in Chongjin http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14731 Recent covert video taken in North Korea’s third-largest city of Chongjin reveals that improved modes of transport are becoming increasingly common even outside the capital city of Pyongyang. Footage received by Daily NK show imported Harbin city taxis, electric bicycles, newer models of Chinese lorries, and even a young member of the Ministry of People’s Security (police) using his smartphone while walking with his electric bike. Previous reports have detailed the use of these modes of transport in the capital and occasio..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Colin Zwirko Fri, 22 Sep 17 16:13:41 +0900 5 Bicycle robbery/murder highlights lack of law and order http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14730 A North Korean resident riding a bag-laden bicycle. Image: Daily NK. The body of a murdered 60-year-old man was recently discovered on a street in North Korea’s Ryanggang Province (Samsu County). According to inside sources, the man was riding his bicycle on his way back home from a field when his bike was taken from him and he was struck on the back of the head with a rock. He appears to have died from the attack within a short period. “The attacker was bold enough to commit the murder, then propped the man’s b..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Lee Sang Yong Fri, 22 Sep 17 14:58:28 +0900 5 North Korean border guards beat three young defectors to death http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14729 North Korean border guards have beaten three young North Korean men to death for trying to cross the Tumen River."In early July, three young residents were beaten to death by a group of border guards at Hasambong-li, Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province," a source familiar with North Korean affairs in China reported to Daily NK on September 17.According to the source, the shocking incident was witnessed by a Chinese fisherman living in Kaishantun, Longjing City, in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, who conveyed the n..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Thu, 21 Sep 17 15:37:37 +0900 5 Two North Korean residents arrested for illegal phone calls http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14728 Image: Daily NKThe North Korean authorities have been strengthening their monitoring of the use of Chinese mobile phones near the border regions. It has been recently reported that two residents of Hoeryong City (North Hamgyong Province) have been arrested for the charge. "In early September, two residents from the Namundong and Subukdong areas of Hoeryong City were arrested on their way down from the mountain after making calls to family members in South Korea by lurking MSS (Ministry of State Security) agents," a so..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Thu, 21 Sep 17 13:44:07 +0900 5 North Korean authorities turn blind eye to domestic violence http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14727 North Korea’s MPS personnel are known to decline to intervene in domestic violence incidents. Image: Daily NKMinistry of People's Security officers in Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province, have recently become the focus of controversy following their unwillingness to address a domestic violence incident at the scene.According to sources inside the country, a woman was beaten continuously by her husband for 30 minutes during an incident, and her neighbor reported her screams to the police. However, the security agent who ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Wed, 20 Sep 17 17:55:51 +0900 5 Laundry powder prices up as autumn approaches http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01502&num=14726 Children play as women wash laundry at the Amnok (Yalu) River. Image: Daily NKUnification Media Group (UMG): Laundry powder and toilet paper are popular housewarming gifts in South Korea, so it’s no surprise to see these items in high demand now during the peak moving season. Similar trends are also evident in North Korea. To discuss this and more, we are joined by Daily NK reporter Kang Mi Jin.Kang Mi Jin (Kang): Housewarming parties in South Korea often host about 10 people. When I had my housewarming, I invited over 30 ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Unification Media Group Wed, 20 Sep 17 10:01:31 +0900 5 1959: Secret elections in North Korea http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03600&num=14725 General elections are probably the most notable of all political events, heavily advertised and almost impossible to ignore. Yet one of North Korean elections, the by-election to the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) on July 19, 1959, was conducted in absolute secrecy with the state press banned from reporting on it. The cover up of this election was largely a success; it has not been mentioned in any North Korean publications to the present day. The SPA functions as the DPRK’s rubber-stamp parliament. Since the foundat..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Fyodor Tertitskiy, PhD, Seoul National University Tue, 19 Sep 17 17:14:55 +0900 5 What explains the recent rise in the cost of goods in North Korea? http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14724 Merchants in North Korea’s Najin Market deal in Chinese currency (yuan or RMB). Image: Daily NK. After North Korea conducted its sixth ever nuclear weapons test on September 3, gasoline prices jumped. Prices for daily necessities and grains followed suit shortly. Until recently, prices for such goods in North Korea remained relatively stable despite consecutive rounds of strong international sanctions targeting the North. But now the international community’s actions have started to have an effect, stoking anxiety am..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin Tue, 19 Sep 17 15:07:54 +0900 5 Reacting to sanctions, N. Korean merchant in China: 'We have no work' http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14723 The latest United Nations Security Council Resolution targeting North Korea (UNSCR 2375) includes provisions that ban textiles exports from North Korea and limit oil provision to North Korea. It was adopted after the North conducted its 6th nucleartest. Image: Daily NKThe United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to limit oil provision to North Korea to 30% of current levels. It also blocks countries from purchasing garments and textiles produced by North Korea. With this in mind, it is worth finding out how N..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Mon, 18 Sep 17 17:48:14 +0900 5 [Photo] Smuggling route near the unfinished New Yalu River Bridge in Dandong blocked http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14722 The Chinese authorities have blocked a popular smuggling route between Dandong and Sinuiju near the unfinished New Yalu River Bridge with a mound of earth. Image: Daily NKThe Chinese authorities have blocked a road previously used as a smuggling route near the unfinished New Yalu River Bridge in Dandong (Liaoning Province). A photo obtained by Daily NK from a source in China close to North Korean affairs reveals that a mound of earth now prevents vehicles from entering the city.The Chinese authorities are said to..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chung Yeol Mon, 18 Sep 17 16:51:27 +0900 5 Will nuclear armament enable North Korea-led reunification? http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk03600&num=14721 A celebration for the country’s claimed successful hydrogen bomb test was held at Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung Square on September 6. Following are some excerpts from North Korean Premier Pak Pong Ju’s speech at the event."North Korea now has unlimited sovereign power and potential that no one can ignore. The strategic superiority of the DPRK has become irreversible.""The US will have to face the realities of today and change its hostile policies toward North Korea. It would be wise of the US to take its hands off the Korean pe..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Ahn Jong Sik, Deputy Head, SBS Political Department Sun, 17 Sep 17 15:48:08 +0900 5 Smuggling routes frozen in Dandong after crackdown http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14720 Sources in North Korea report that smuggling in the border regions of Dandong (Liaoning Province) and Sinuiju (North Pyongan Province) have come to a virtual standstill following recent crackdowns by China's Ministry of Public Security. "The Chinese authorities have intensified crackdowns even on small-scale individual smugglers in Dandong. As it’s difficult to avoid these crackdowns, most smugglers have just stopped," a source familiar with North Korean affairs in China recently told Daily NK."The authorities have bl..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Lee Sang Yong Sun, 17 Sep 17 13:31:48 +0900 5 MSS senior lieutenant in Hyesan commits acts of sexual violence http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14719 Unification Media Group (UMG): We are here with reporter Lee Sang Yong today to discuss cases of human rights violations enabled by the North Korean regime. What do you have for us today?Lee Sang Yong (Lee): Ms. Kim, an informant residing in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, spoke on the phone with Daily NK to report an ongoing case. Senior Lieutenant Kang Jin Hyuk, a male in his 30s from Hyesan’s Yonbong second district is using his position to extort money from local residents with threats, and is sexually assaulting some resi..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Fri, 15 Sep 17 12:15:20 +0900 5 Gas prices in North Korea jump on rumors of possible embargo http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14718 A pressurization system linked to the North Korea-bound oil pipeline located in the Chinese border city of Dandong, Liaoning Province. Image: Daily NK. At the beginning of this month, gasoline prices in North Korea’s capital city of Pyongyang began to sharply rise. Now, oil prices in other regions of the country have started climbing as well. This news was ascertained and delivered to Daily NK on September 7 by inside informants on the ground in North Korea.After the UN Security Council adopted another round of internatio..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kang Mi Jin; Kim Ga Young Fri, 15 Sep 17 11:34:19 +0900 5 North Korea's marketization leaves elderly out in the cold http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk02900&num=14717 Unification Media Group (UMG): As North Korea’s gradual marketization continues, social values are changing. According to inside sources, materialism is displacing traditional cultural traits, such as respecting one’s parents. The elderly are no longer viewed in the same esteem as they once were. As they get older, their lives get more difficult and they are viewed as the weak link of society. Kim Jong Un’s regime, while purporting to support and care for the elderly in propaganda, has not taken any concrete steps. Indeed,..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Seol Song Ah Thu, 14 Sep 17 12:21:56 +0900 5 Some North Korean homes damaged from recent nuclear test http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk01500&num=14716 Many North Korean residents were shocked after their houses shook and walls cracked during the nuclear test. Figure: Daily NKIt has been reported that many North Korean residents in the northern regions panicked as their houses took on damage during the sixth nuclear experiment on September 3."On September 3, a resident in Masandong, Hyesan City, narrowly escaped death while resting at home as the sudden strong vibrations shook the ceiling of the house and cracked the walls. They were furious when they found out about the ..]]> DailyNK - Brightening the future of Korea Kim Chae Hwan Wed, 13 Sep 17 20:17:15 +0900 5