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March 29, 2020

Analysis & Opinion

The latest analysis and opinion on North Korea by Daily NK staff and contributors.

Kim and Trump

Prospects for US-North Korean talks this year remain uncertain

Kwon Jong Gun, a roving ambassador for North Korean’s Foreign Ministry, said on Wednesday that North Korea’s patience for restarting US-North Korean talks is...

N. Korea faces tough challenges in attracting foreign visitors

The Mount Kumang tourism initiative has abruptly been thrust into the spotlight once more. On Oct. 23, Rodong Sinmun reported that after visiting the...
Kim Jong Un Mount Kumgang

N. Korea must create the right conditions for foreign tourists

A day after South Korea proposed a meeting on the Mount Kumgang issue on Oct. 28, North Korea responded in the negative. North Korea...
Thae Yong Ho

Thae Yong Ho: North Korea must embrace the rule of law

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un conducted an on-the-spot visit to the Mount Kumgang tourist area on Oct. 23, according to Rodong Sinmun.  During his...
Thae Yong Ho

Thae Yong Ho: North Korea must stop false claims about Hangul

On Oct. 9, South Korea celebrated Hangul Day, which pays tribute to King Sejong the Great, the inventor of the Korean alphabet. Hangul Day...

Sinuiju’s increasing role in Sino-North Korean trade

In the early morning of Friday, Oct. 18, the road leading from Sinuiju, North Korea, to Dandong, China, was clogged with North Korean container...
Myohyangsang Tour Company

Has thriving Chinese tourism emboldened North Korea?

Chinese tourism into North Korea is thriving, which may have emboldened Kim Jong Un to recently order the demolishing of South Korean facilities on...
Notetel and mp4

Drama watching North Korean university student commits suicide

In Pyongyang, a female university student was arrested at her house by Group 109 while she was watching a South Korean drama. Group 109 agents...
Notetel and mp4

Why are bribes in Pyongyang so expensive?

North Koreans are typically forced to pay bribes to get themselves out of trouble when caught watching foreign movies and dramas. For example, Daily...
Launch of North Korea SLBM

Thae Yong Ho: SLBM development only leads to more sanctions

North Korean media outlets such as Rodong Sinmun have recently been reporting that North Korea’s “status” on the international stage is on the rise...

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