Purchasing Daily NK Market Data

Daily NK currently provides paying clients data regarding the following commodities and exchange rates in North Korea. The data is collected in the three cities of Pyongyang, Hyesan, and Sinuiju once every two weeks. 

  • Pork prices
  • Diesel prices
  • Gas prices
  • Corn prices
  • CNY/KPW exchange rates

Reach out to us at dailynkenglish@uni-media.com for more on pricing and subscription plans. 

Rice Prices and USD/KPW Exchange Rates

Daily NK continues to offer USD/KPW exchange rates and rice prices for free through the organization’s website. 

Rice Prices

Currency Exchange Rates

Energy-related Data

Daily NK currently collects energy-related data in North Korea once every two weeks. In general, this data has been collected since June 2019.

  • Propane prices (per 20 kg)
  • Butane gas prices (per 1 can)
  • Coal prices (per briquette)
  • Wood/firewood prices (per cubic meter)
  • Solar power prices (per 30w) 

Tailored Market Research

Daily NK is available to conduct tailored market research on commodities in North Korea designated by the client. 

Further Inquiries

For more information about pricing and other inquiries, please contact us at dailynkenglish@uni-media.net.