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December 4, 2020

N. Korean authorities crackdown on homemade alcohol production

North Korean authorities recently launched a crackdown on "homemade" alcohol production in food processing companies and among "individual manufacturers." The crackdown reportedly aims to...
working cows

N. Korea to curb illegal slaughtering, ownership of working cows

Following an order by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the country's Central Committee recently instructed party, administrative and judicial authorities to clamp down...
chagang food shortages signs

Chagang Province begins efforts to “resolve” local food shortages

Following an order by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to "resolve" food shortages nationwide, Chagang Province officials have begun constructing large-scale irrigation facilities...

Bananas: A future crop for North Korea?

There are signs that an increasing number of North Koreans are interested in the cultivation of bananas and other fruits and vegetables typically grown...

Yanggang Province is in the midst of blueberry picking season

The blueberry picking season in Yanggang Province's Taehongdan, Baekam and Samjiyon counties began on Saturday, with local authorities in Baekam County mobilizing students for...
pine nuts forests

N. Korea tightens control over pine nut forests ahead of harvest season

Ahead of the start of the pine nut harvest season, North Korea’s Central Committee and the country’s Cabinet issued a joint order on Aug....

N. Hamgyong Province faces potential shortage of vegetables following rains

Monsoon rains have led to growing concerns among locals in North Hamgyong Province about the upcoming fall harvest of vegetables, Daily NK has learned.  “Fields...

Amid monsoon rains, N. Korean fruit orchards face severe damage from pests

Orchards in some parts of North Korea have been severely damaged by disease and pests due to monsoon rains that began from mid-July, Daily...

Yanggang Province farmers ordered to collect more grass than usual

As part of broader efforts to relieve the country's chronic manure shortages, North Korean authorities in Yanggang Province have significantly increased the quota of...
agricultural greenhouse cabbage

Cabbage farm supplying Pyongyang suffers from pests and disease

North Korean authorities recently conducted an investigation into a farm producing cabbage for Pyongyang denizens that suffered from poor crop yields due to pests...

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