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August 3, 2020

Vinyl film theft at Kaesong farm leads to investigation

North Korean security officials are investigating an incident in Kaesong involving the theft of vinyl film from a collective farm, Daily NK has learned. “Four...
North Korean women bikes support

N. Korea’s women are called on to support farming activities

North Korean authorities have recently begun to spread propaganda to members of the Socialist Women's Union of Korea (SWUK) that stress the need for...
experimental fields

N. Korea’s farms still face agricultural supply shortages

Many North Korean collective farms unaffiliated with state agencies are facing shortages of fertilizer, insecticide and other agricultural supplies, Daily NK has learned. North Korean...

N. Korea’s collective farms face difficulties obtaining needed supplies

As the North Korean planting season has begun in earnest, some collective farms in the country are facing difficulties acquiring agriculture supplies due to...
North Koreans farming in North Hamgyong Province in early June 2019 ban loans farms fertilizer

N. Korea’s farms face shortages of fertilizer and other supplies

North Korea's farms in the country's breadbasket are suffering from a lack of fertilizer and other agricultural supplies amid the shutdown of the Sino-North...

Disease control efforts are impacting compost production, sources

Daily NK sources have reported that North Korea’s efforts aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19 have begun to impact compost production this year.  North...
farmers work

N. Korean farmers are showing up to work less than before

North Korean farmers are showing up less and less to work the fields and farm families are facing serious food shortages, Daily NK sources...

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