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September 26, 2023


Daily NK’s mission is to remain your trusted source of news generated from within North Korea, providing timely and accurate information about one of the most repressive regimes in human history.

The North Korean regime continues to violate the rights of the North Korean people, while threatening the international community with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The country’s 25 million citizens continue to live in conditions of extreme oppression, poverty and violence, and their liberation has become one of the most important responsibilities of our times. Achieving peace on the Korean peninsula will require removal of the nuclear threat posed by the regime, something that can only be achieved if fundamental changes occur within North Korea.

We have borne witness to the recent and rapid development of marketization that is changing the North Korean way of life. The citizens of North Korea are beginning to see glimpses of the outside world via increasing channels of foreign media infiltrating the country. The winds of change are coming.

Daily NK directly supports a robust network of dedicated citizen journalists inside the country, who risk their lives on a daily basis to share news from the ground. In turn, we broadcast these reports back to the people of North Korea and the entire world. In doing so, we hope to advance the cause of freedom and give the oppressed people of North Korea the voice they deserve. May the information we share play its part in supporting the eventual reunification of the Korean peninsula under a just government.

We sincerely thank you for supporting our cause.

Lee Kwang Baek

President, Daily NK