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February 27, 2020

N. Korean man dies of COVID-19 infection-like symptoms

Some North Koreans living in North Pyongan Province suspect that the government is covering up the death of a man who recently died of...
sinuiju transit

N. Korea shuts down transit in and out of Sinuiju

North Korean authorities in Sinuiju have shut down transit in and out of the city presumably as part of efforts to prevent the spread...
pyongyang's elite

Thae Yong Ho is the talk of the town among Pyongyang’s elite

Pyongyang's elite are closely watching former North Korean deputy ambassador to London Thae Yong Ho's run for political office in South Korea, Daily NK...
face masks

N. Korea provides face masks to leaders in the “top 1%”

North Korea is providing domestically-manufactured face masks made out of cloth to high-level government officials, Daily NK sources have reported. "The central command center for...
avian flu

Kim Jong Un orders more vigilance to prevent avian flu outbreak

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently ordered his government to strengthen disease control measures to prevent an outbreak of avian flu, Daily NK...
Hyesan killed

N. Korean man killed by relatives after spat over money

A 40-year-old man was killed in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, after suffering from a severe beating by two of his relatives on Feb. 10. "A man...
humanitarian support

Sources: N. Korea to reject US humanitarian support for coronavirus outbreak

North Korea has already decided to reject any humanitarian support offered by the US to combat the novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, Daily...
pyongyang songbun

N. Korea orders reorganization of the country’s caste system

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the Ministry of People’s Security (MPS) last month to reclassify the “birth songbun” and “social songbun” of...
kim il sung university college entrance exams schools

N. Korea closes schools throughout the country for one month

North Korea made the decision to close all of its schools for one month starting Feb. 20, in a surprise move that comes after...
market prices

N. Korean state orchestrates lower prices for soybean oil, sugar

State interventions in the market has led to price drops for some commodities in North Korea's local markets, while other commodity prices remain higher...

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