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January 20, 2020
experimental fields

N. Korea tackles corruption involving “experimental fields”

North Korean authorities recently instructed farm and agricultural management committees across the country to eradicate “illegal and corrupt activities” involving “experimental fields” located on...
kim jong un samjiyon new path

Group wedding held for injured Samjiyon construction workers

On Dec. 21, 20 male members of North Korea's "Storm Trooper" units who were injured during construction work in Samjiyon were married to women...
mount paektu ascent campfire

Kim Jong Un flouts his own rules in recent Mount Paektu climb

Photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ascending Mount Paektu recently published in Rodong Sinmun have come under criticism for embodying the realities...
A tractor on a farm in North Korea

Taxes soar in agricultural regions as farming season wraps up

Following the completion of the farming season and annual payments in kind for workers in agricultural regions, North Korean authorities have imposed a number...
air force base

Kim Jong Un orders improvements in air force weaponry

After the breakdown in US-North Korean negotiations in Hanoi in February, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the North Korean air force to...
North Korea border guard.

North Korean border security in crisis following desertion of border guard 

A North Korean border unit has sounded the alarm after one of its guards deserted his post. Although a major search is being conducted...
North Korea's "Gold Bell" navigation app

Daily NK snapshots from North Korea

State Security agent in Chongjin murders husband of mistress Local sources told Daily NK that an intelligence officer has been arrested in relation to an...
University students mobilized for work in North Korea.

Middle school students in North Korea mobilized to harvest opium resin 

The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) continues to cultivate large opium fields in the northern region of North Korea and recently mobilized school students...
Soldiers in Sinuiju

Military recruit in North Korea sent home after savage beating by superior

A new recruit at an army training camp in Pyongyang was recently beaten by his superior officer and later permitted to return home after...
Barbed wire along the Sino-North Korea border.

North Korea’s Ryanggang Province deemed to have the most “illegal border crossers” 

Lectures were recently held for local residents in Ryanggang Province after the central government authorities announced that the province had the most “illegal border...

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