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September 21, 2020
electricity fees

Pyongyang boosts state collection of electricity fees

North Korean authorities recently implemented an experimental measure in Pyongyang aimed at increasing the state’s collection of electricity fees to pay for the opening...
deputy director

Kim Son Il appointed as deputy director of Reconnaissance General Bureau

North Korea’s leadership recently appointed Kim Son Il as the new deputy director of the Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB), which appears to have undergone...

Report: N. Korean hacking group increasing efforts to steal cryptocurrency

Lazarus, a North Korean hacking group, is reportedly ratcheting up its efforts to steal cryptocurrency amid North Korea’s economic difficulties due to the COVID-19...
North Korean military

Military gears up propaganda machine to celebrate August 15

To celebrate "Liberation of the Fatherland Day" on Aug. 15, North Korean military authorities recently distributed "political study documents" claiming that the Suryong, Kim...

Chagang Province forestry official executed for illegal corn farm

The head of a local forest management office in Chagang Province was recently executed for removing saplings from state-owned land and planting corn in...
chronic medicines

Chronic illness sufferers face dire shortages of medicines

The severe shortage of medicines in North Korea following the shutdown of the country’s borders in late January is causing concern among sufferers of...
University students mobilized for work in North Korea.

Middle school students in North Korea mobilized to harvest opium resin 

The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) continues to cultivate large opium fields in the northern region of North Korea and recently mobilized school students...
remittance ryanggang province border

Two more N. Koreans crossed border into Samjiyon on Aug. 20

Two North Korean women crossed over the Sino-North Korean border into Samjiyon, Yanggang Province, on Aug. 20, and rumors that one of the women...

KJU National Defense University students to participate in Oct. military parade

Kim Jong Un National Defense University will be sending a group of students to participate in North Korea’s planned military parade on Oct. 10...

Oct. 10 parade training delayed again until Aug. 1

A massive training exercise for soldiers participating in the Oct. 10 military parade to celebrate the founding of North Korea's communist party has again...

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