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July 6, 2020
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N. Korea’s farms still face agricultural supply shortages

Many North Korean collective farms unaffiliated with state agencies are facing shortages of fertilizer, insecticide and other agricultural supplies, Daily NK has learned. North Korean...
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Daily NK snapshots from North Korea

Daily NK Snapshots are synopses of select articles from our Korean website. Snapshots provide a window into the Daily NK’s reporting—domestic news items that are...

N. Korea continues to import metal into the country

Shipments of metal were recently spotted being transported by truck into North Korea, despite the ban on such shipments by the UN Security Council,...

N. Korea claims US and S. Korea spreading COVID-19 in the country

North Korean authorities are disseminating the idea that the US and South Korea are purposely spreading COVID-19 into North Korea, a source in South...
North Korean soldiers electricity discharge

N. Korea’s 1st Corps faces paratyphoid fever outbreak

North Korea's 1st Corps is suffering from a major outbreak of paratyphoid fever, Daily NK has learned. The 1st Corps is stationed in Kangwon Province...
North Koreans farming in North Hamgyong Province in early June 2019 ban loans farms fertilizer

Collective farm director in South Pyongan Province resigns from coveted position

The managing director of a collective farm, a highly-valued job in North Korea, recently resigned from his position citing difficulties in performing his duties,...
North Koreans farming in North Hamgyong Province in early June 2019 ban loans farms fertilizer

N. Korean farms failing to repay loans face backlash from creditors

Collective farm work units in North Hamgyong Province are being hounded by creditors after failing to pay back loans they used to buy needed...
kim il sung university college entrance exams schools students again

N. Korea closes schools throughout the country for one month

North Korea made the decision to close all of its schools for one month starting Feb. 20, in a surprise move that comes after...
pyongyang songbun human rights

N. Korea orders reorganization of the country’s caste system

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the Ministry of People’s Security (MPS) last month to reclassify the “birth songbun” and “social songbun” of...
ski resort

Kim Jong Un orders expansion of ski resort in Chagang Province

Early last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the expansion of a ski resort near Kanggye, Chagang Province, Daily NK has learned.  “Chagang...

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