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January 19, 2022

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The latest analysis and opinion on North Korea by Daily NK staff and contributors.

Tracking the “unidentified yellow substance” being dried out near the Yongbyon Nuclear Center

The US-based website 38 North reported on Mar. 12 that it had discovered an “unidentified yellow substance” at Yongbyon Nuclear Center in a satellite...
Nuclear facilities in Yongbyon County, South Pyongan Province, North Korea

Is Nuclear Peace with North Korea Possible?

LOS ANGELES – North Korea’s recent public displays of new intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missiles have raised fresh concerns about the risks the regime...

N. Korean authorities using new law to crackdown on spread of South Korean content

The North Korean government has been actively using its new "anti-reactionary thought law" to crackdown on all forms of anti-socialist behavior, including going as...
female defectors female migrants hospital

Not all defectors want the same thing

A book published in January titled “Defector” (탈북자) is shedding light on the lesser-known stories of North Korean defectors, challenging stereotypes and misconceptions. The...

Pence Cartoon: “From Russia with Logs”

Views expressed in this cartoon do not necessarily reflect those of Daily NK.

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