Daily NK has received video footage showing North Korean university students in Hyesan, Yanggang Province, practicing for a mass parade to be held on Oct. 10, the country’s Party Foundation Day.

According to a Daily NK source in the country earlier today, they began practice for the mass parade early last month. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he told Daily NK that the members of various agencies, organizations and universities are currently engaged in “final-stage practice” at an “empty lot” in the city.

While soldiers are in the midst of practicing for the massive military parade planned for Oct. 10 in Pyongyang, the source’s report suggests mass parades will also be held in the country’s major cities.

“The start of the second semester for schools in provinces [outside of Pyongyang] is still being delayed as part of efforts to combat COVID-19 but, in reality, [university students] are being mobilized every day to practice for the mass parades in each province,” the source said. “The [Yanggang Province] party committee has ordered a full rundown of the parade to be held until 10 PM [each day] starting on Oct. 7.”

The footage obtained by Daily NK shows university students in Hyesan, Yanggang Province, wearing uniforms without insignia during the group practice.

Students in the footage are shown holding wooden frames while marching. “That’s because [the authorities] thought it would be too much to include posters with slogans during the practice,” the source said. “The real things will be handed out on Oct. 9, a day before the real event.”

The source also said that while the authorities have ordered all event participants to wear masks, these orders are “not being properly followed.”

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