Trade between North Korea and China appears to be restarting following a total shutdown of the border between the two countries in late January.

“Chinese trucks recently crossed the Sino-North Korean Friendship Bridge from Sinuiju to Dandong,” a China-based source told Daily NK today. “There hadn’t been many crossings for some time due to the coronavirus situation, but now this.”

A video clip sent over by the Daily NK source shows several large container trucks crossing the Sino-North Korean Friendship Bridge, which connects Sinuiju, border city in North Pyongan Province, and Dandong, which is in China’s Liaoning Province. The trucks are shown heading from the North Korean side of the bridge to the Chinese side.

The drivers of the trucks have reportedly been placed in two week’s quarantine upon their arrival in China.

In this photo taken by a Daily NK source in Dandong, North Korean restaurant workers are seen unloading supplies from a vehicle.

Another Daily NK source in China reported that “around 10 trucks” had crossed over the bridge since Mar. 23 and that trucks are continuing to cross the bridge from the North Korean side into China.

North Korean restaurants in China are also reportedly moving steadily towards opening their doors.

A Daily NK source in Dandong photographed North Korean workers at the Pongsonhwa restaurant near the Sino-North Korean Friendship Bridge unloading supplies from a vehicle on Apr. 2.

Daily NK reported on Mar. 30 that North Korean authorities have ordered restaurants in China to restart operations.

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