University Student Events for North Korean Human Rights

[imText1]A university student government association held an event on North Korean human rights for the first time in South Korea. As the first part of it social participation program of the Ewha University student government association, “Speak Up to the Society,” the students spoke out about the seriousness of the North Korean human rights problem thought the event.

The event was held at Ewha University Cultural Room, which was prepared by the university’s group for North Korean human rights, “Hello NK,” and a Korean American student organization for North Korean human rights, “LINK.”

Photograph exhibition, video screenings, book sales, and distribution of 80g of cooked rice which is a meal of a North Korean took place at the lobby on the first floor to show the reality of North Korea.

▲ North Korean human rights situation comming new

Outside of the building, art performing group from North Korea performed with North Korean songs, and in the afternoon “conversation with North Korean defectors” was held where many students participated.

The president of the SGA Kim Se Hee said, “As was promised to the students for the election, we aim to speak out about the North Korean human rights and our members gathered all our force together to prepare for this event.”

“Every time I meet with the North Korean defectors, I feel the seriousness of the human rights reality in North Korea. As the young people of Korea, we believe it is our duty to stand up for our brothers in North Korea who are suffering under a dictatorship, “ said Kim.

“The student government association of Ewha University (among the South Korean university SGAs) is the first to address the North Korean human rights problems. In two years, the twenty thousand Ewha people will become the cornerstones for the preparation of the unification.”

Yang Hyo Eun, secretary of the association who took in charge of all the administrative work for the event said, “Although we are not student movement association, that does not mean we are uninterested in the social agenda of our society. North Korean human rights problem has become a serious social problem in our society and we came together increase awareness.”

President of the LINK-Korea who cosponsored the event said, “LINK-Korea has fully started doing activities this year, and it holds meetings regularly to prepare various activities to improve North Korean human rights. With the alliance with the LINK-USA, we will hold various international events as well.”

Lim So Jung, the president of Hello NK, a small student group organized this year for North Korean human rights also expressed her feelings by saying, “I realized the seriousness of the North Korean human rights situations for the first time last year and organized this activity oriented group. Although small because we are only starting now we plan do to long term activities regularly.”

Jang Yoon Kyung, a first year university student we met at the event said, “We only heard about issues on North Korea on our textbooks in high school. I believe it is fortunate that we are exposed of such real issues with our own eyes. I hope many Ewha University students become interested in the North Korean human rights and refugee issues after this event.”

Kwon Eun Kyoung, the vice secretary general of Democracy Network Against North Korean Gulag who visited the event said she was impression with the event. “I was pretty surprised that they held such an event without any help from the civil organizations. It was good to assured of healthy scenes of the university students in an long time.