The Yalu River Scenery

The iron bridge at the Yalu River, on the morning of the 24th in Dandong, China.

Children from an elementary and junior high school near North Korea’s Yalu River were observed playing in the water.

It is not common for children to play in the water near the Yalu River.

Rain begins to fall on the children playing in groups. Although the children appear unconcerned, the teacher urges the children to come out of the water. The unexpected rain seems to disappoint the children. It appears that the teacher had not anticipated rain either.

The region of the Yalu River is where high ranking North Korean officials come for training workshops or conferences. On the left hand side of the Yalu River is as an area for authorities and military and another area for low ranking officials and commoners to rest.

On the right hand side of the Yalu River, North Korean boarder guards are resting on boat decks and commoners are using portable gas cookers to prepare their breakfasts. In surrounding areas, people are fishing with large nets in order to catch their meal for the day.

On a boat floating in the Yalu River are three women who appear to be working. The river current appears rather strong for early morning.