North on Agenda at Korea-Germany Summit

North Korea was on the agenda for South Korean President Park
Geun Hye and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their summit meeting Wednesday,
where the two leaders discussed the ongoing nuclear issue and Korean reunification.

Currently in Berlin as part of her two-nation European tour, Park
met with Merkel to discuss potential areas of cooperation in the preparation process
for reunification.  Other topics
raised included strategies to ensure North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons
and become a responsible member of the international community.  

“South Korea and Germany share a unique bond in that they both
experienced painful division at the time of the Cold War. Germany is a model for
peaceful reunification on the peninsula as it went beyond unification and achieved
integration,” Park announced at a post-summit press conference.

Merkel pledged to support Korea achieve unification, and expressed her hope that the North Korean nuclear issue will be solved
peacefully through the Six-Party talks.

Meanwhile, during an interview with German
broadcaster ARD on the 26th, Park stated that if she were to meet with Kim Jong Eun
she would emphasize the importance of peace and stability on the Korean
peninsula and improved inter-Korean relations.

“I would clearly convey that South Korea and the international
community would combine their strength to actively assist North Korea in its
economic development if they gave up their nuclear weapons,” she said.

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