North Korea’s 007- Locate Hennessy XO!!

Chinese netizens have produced a satirical clip in response to the U.N.’s North Korea sanctions on luxury goods.

The clip initially uploaded on a Chinese public website last November, has already attracted more than 300,000 viewers. The creator Huge also posted the light-hearted satire on “YouTube” where is gaining much interest worldwide.

The clip runs for about 30 minutes and is titled “North Korea 007.” The story follows Kim Jong Il’s “007” in search for the hard to get Hennessey XO. As the last member of the gang, 007 encounters mischievous struggles with the Chinese trader and threatening Bush who tries to steal the alcoholic luxury good that was marked for the ‘great king’. A light-hearted satire by creator Huge, this clip is gaining much interest from the world as it not only entertains but comically underlines hidden truths that is occurring in this country called North Korea.

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