North Korea “First Human Contamination of Avian Influenza”

[imText1]There has been a testimony that the Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) is going around in North Korea. It was told that a woman was hospitalized around January 15th after being contaminated by the Avian Influenza.

The internal source residing in Shinuiju, North Korea, reported, “’Chicken Disease’ (AI) emerged in the Mankyungdae area, Pyongyang, in Palgol dong, Youngnam Mountain area, and Kwangbok (Independent) Street. A woman has been admitted to the Red Cross Hospital receiving treatment.”

He said the government sent out an order for strict control and eradication of AI starting at the end of last year.

Foreign news from Japan on the 24th reported, “It was registered at the airport that the Chongryeon (pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) staff departed to North Korea with three large bags containing “Tami Flu”, known as a cure vaccine for AI.

The Health Department of North Korea reported last July that AI has been completely eradicated and in November, announced that there has not been any human contamination of AI.

AI is contaminated by birds with a lethality rate of 50%, thus the number of cases of human contamination has been very few, but it has become a real threat.

In the beginning of last year, major poultry factories in Pyongyang were discovered to have been contaminated by AI one after another, and that some 200,000 chickens had perished. It was reported that the AI which emerged in North Korea at that time was the H7 virus, and that it is not harmful to humans.

On the other hand, it was reported that a quarantine for urgent epidemics was set up in Huiryeong City, in the Sino-Korean border area this year. This raises concerns about North Korea’s careless preventive measures against epidemics.