Korean Peninsula 3-Phase Peace Unification Theory

[imText1]Park Geun Hye, former representative of the National Grand Party and candidate for the upcoming presidential election said on the 9th, “North Korea must replace its Military First Politics with a new People’s First Politics.”

At a gathering at the Foreign Correspondents Club Ms. Park advocated for the eradication of Military First Politics and urged that North Korea must be promised an alluring incentive in compensation for executing this policy.

Ms. Park also announced the “Korean Peninsula 3-Phase Peace Unification Theory,” that would follow the resolution of North Korea’s nuclear issues and unification of North and South Korea.

She said, “If we wait upon political unification in haste, it will only incite disorder and raise the costs of unification,” and added, “Through an economic union, a unified Korean democracy will emerge and political unification will occur naturally.”

As for the 3 phases towards unification Ms. Park proposed, i) a peace settlement established ensuring the complete breakdown to North Korea’s nuclear armaments and dissolution of the military, ii) economic unification with the construction of a South-North economic community and iii) political unification through political and territorial unification.

She said assertively, “I would welcome the inter-Korea summit talks if it helped to solve the nuclear issue” and then displayed a more composed attitude, “I oppose the idea, if it is to be used as a strategic tactic in the presidential election.”

She suggested additionally three basic principals for the nuclear negotiation: complete dismantlement of the nuclear weapons and programs, the adequate use of the carrot and the stick and complete mutual assistance between the 6 countries of the negotiation.

Regarding the South Korea-U.S. alliance, Ms. Park proposed that a “New Security Declaration” be made. She urged, “If North Korea’s nuclear issue is resolved through the six party talks and North Korea-U.S. and Japan relations normalize, then a “North East Asian Security Cooperation” could be established.”