Kim Jong Nam in Paris to Invite Doctors

[imText1]The Japanese News Network “Fuji” (FNN) reported on the 27th that a person resembling Kim Jong Il’s eldest son Kim Jong Nam visited Paris last week and met with a top neurosurgery specialist.

FNN also reported that two days after the visit, the doctor left for Pyongyang. FNN televised a young man resembling Kim entering a neurosurgery hospital in Paris, then getting onto a black luxury sedan two hours later.

The man kept tight-lipped to questions about Kim Jong Il’s illness and whether or not his disease has improved, then swiftly left the hospital by car.

FNN suggested that Kim Jong Nam’s direct visit to Paris’ top hospital means he must be in charge of Kim Jong Il’s health, as his eldest son.

Also, it claimed that Jong Nam’s relaxed demeanor suggests Kim is suffering from a brain disease, but is not in a serious condition.

Two days after Kim Jong Nam’s hospital visit, FNN also aired footage of the French specialist whom Kim is suspected to have met getting into a car belonging to the North Korean UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) mission and taking off for Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

The doctor did not reply to the question of whether he was on his way to treat Chairman Kim and entered the airport, only saying that he was going to Beijing.

FNN explained that the doctor was also in charge of Kim Jong Il’s treatment at the time of his stroke, and that he may have been heading to Pyongyang for Kim Jong Il this time as well.

On Tuesday, the Director of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service Kim Sung Ho said at a meeting of the Intelligence Committee of the National Assembly that, “He is not good physically but his condition does not look like impeding his work.”

Regarding Kim’s condition, AFP quoted Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso on the same day as saying that Kim Jong Il is now in a condition whereby he can make decisions by himself.