International Community Must Collaborate to Pressure North Korea, Japan’s P.M.

[imText1]Japan’s Prime Minister Abe Shinjo visited the U.K. and held talks with Prime Minister Tony Blair, BBC reported on the 9th. At the meeting, Prime Minister Abe revealed that the international community needed to cooperate more in order to block North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Abe said that North Korea must be pressured to abandon its nuclear weapons and stressed the need of the international community to cooperate and participate proactively.

Prior, at a press conference with BBC in Tokyo, Prime Minister said “If the North Koreans are to possess nuclear weapons that may lead to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction that could fundamentally undermine the non-proliferation regime which may then lead to more problems.” Also, the issue of North Korea abducting Japanese people was critically discussed. He said there is evidence to show that of the victims of abductees of the 70’s and 80’s, some included victims from Europe.

“We believe that this abduction issue is a grave infringement of basic human rights. We therefore believe that all countries around the world need to address this issue” he added. In response, the broadcast reported that Prime Minister Blair “fully supported” Prime Minister Abe’s proposal.

With his first visit to Europe following his inauguration as prime minister last year, Prime Minister Abe plans to continue his visit onto Germany, Belgium and France.