Editorial Calls for Unity with Kim

North Korea has released its annual New Year’s Joint Editorial, moving to emphasize the lineage of Kim Jong Eun and calling for the people and military to unite behind the new leader.

Repeating a recent slogan, the editorial calls for the people to “turn sadness into one hundred times more strength and bravery… under the leadership of respected comrade Kim Jong Eun.”

“The supreme leader of our Party and military, comrade Kim Jong Eun is the banner of military-first Chosun’s victory and glory,” it further proclaims, adding, “The entire Party, the entire military, the entire people must defend comrade Kim Jong Eun with their lives.”

To the Party, it also adds, “The work of our Party is to firmly establish the Party’s sole leadership system.”

For the first time in five years, the piece also calls for the exit of U.S. troops from South Korea, while pouring further criticism on the South Korean government of Lee Myung Bak.

“The inhumane, anti-nation actions of the South Chosun rebel faction in turning its face from the people’s mourning and interrupting the expression of their condolences, has aroused anger and denunciation,” it commented, referring to South Korea’s refusal to allow unfettered access to North Korea for South Koreans wishing to pay their respects to Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang.

“The faction in power in South Chosun is becoming a target for the people’s harsh judgement,” it warned.

The Joint Editorial is released simultaneously at the dawn of the new year across the three major publications of state; Rodong Shinmun (Chosun Workers’ Party), Chosun People’s Army (the military), and Youth Vanguard (Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League).