Colonels to Meet on February 8th

On the 8th of February, the working-level meeting for the purpose of preparing the ground for an inter-Korean military high-officials’ meeting will be held.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, North Korea sent its latest suggestion on the topic today in the name of Kim Young Chun, the North’s Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, “Let’s hold a working-level meeting on February 8th for the inter-Korean military high officials’ meeting,” and the South duly accepted it.

The date is a compromise, reached after the North Korean authorities suggested having a working-level meeting in late January and the high officials’ meeting in early February, and the South sent a counter-proposal suggesting the working-level meeting on the 11th. North Korea then suggested the 1st of this month, and now, finally, both sides have agreed on the 8th.

The working-level meeting will be conducted between colonels: from South Korea the chief of the policy department of the Ministry of National Defense, Mun Sang Gyun, and for the North, Lee Sun Kwon of the policy department of the National Defense Commission.

The military working-level meeting, to be held four months after the last, September 30th meeting at Panmunjeom, is expected to deal with the agenda and level of participants for the military high officials’ meeting.