BDA Negotiations North Korea Representative Oh Kwang Chul to Visit Beijing

[imText1]Oh Kwang Chul, President of the North Korea Trade Bank and North Korea’s chief delegate in the Banco Delta Asia financial sanction talks will visit Beijing on the 23rd, Asahi Newspaper reported on the 22nd.

The newspaper, informed by a source in North Korea-China, reported that President Oh is scheduled to travel from Beijing to Pyongyang on a direct route on the 23rd to speak with the Chinese.

Indifferent to the fact that the next financial talks were to reconvene in New York says the U.S., North Korea is requesting that the talks be resumed in Beijing similar to the former meeting. It appears that President Oh’s trip to China will be to explain North Korea’s position to the Chinese and gain understanding and cooperation from the Chinese, claimed the newspaper.

The source revealed that developments made in Berlin, where the chief delegates of the six party talks met to discuss the North Korea financial issues and related issues is linked to Oh Kwang Chul visiting China.

The source also predicted that the North will shortly announce the reconvening of the six party talks.

Contrastingly, China’s Foreign Minister Wu Dei and U.S. Assistant-Secretary Hill met in Beijing on the 21st inciting to the press, the possibility of the next financial talks being held after the 29th.