10,000 Defectors, Committee for Democratization of North Korea Established

[imText1]“No traces of love, dignity nor identity~ A fervent promise made unto eternity~ Let’s not go anywhere or waver until the day comes for our flags to fly~” (A ceremonial song for a lover: a representative song among social activists during the period of South Korean democratization movement in 1980s)

The lyrics of this song reignite the emotions of 10,000 defectors who left their country as well as the hearts of many students and people who desire for the flag of Korean democracy to fly high.

The official inauguration of the Committee for Democratization of North Korea (president, Hwang Jang Yop) was held at the Press Centre on the 10th. The ceremony set historical precedence and was an opportunity for the 10,000 defectors and supporter to stay firm and true to the future of North Korea’s democratization.

[imText2]The committee represents 10,000 defectors now in South Korea and plans to spread the awareness of the real North Korea through various movements such as national forums. The committee aims to i) support greater awareness of human rights and democracy in North Korea, ii) inflate anti-Kim Jong Il forces in North Korea, iii) unveil pro-North Korea leftist forces in South Korea and, iv) proactively advocate movements to end the Kim Jong Il regime.

In his welcoming speech, President Hwang Jang Yop said, “Where are the pitiful liars who are even worse than the people who accept the Sunshine policy as the Korean version of free democracy” and denounced, “The Sunshine policy did not strip Kim Jong Il of clothes but rather gave him another set of dictatorial clothing.”

“Our defectors who crossed the line into the Republic of South Korea are in a difficult situation. Whether past or future, their lives are threatened” said President Hwang and urged, “There is no other way but to clash with organizations which assert democratic mutual cooperation with Kim Jong Il.”

He continued, “The defectors union and conflict will no longer be isolated” and stressed the important role of defectors for the democratization of North Korea, “Defectors must act as the pivotal role in enabling the flower of freedom to blossom in North Korea.”

[imText3]In addition, honorary chairperson for the North Korean Democratization Alliance and also former President Kim Young Sam said in his congratulatory speech, “Defectors must win this battle for the democratization of North Korea. I hope that they will become proud heroes of a new history.”

Former President Kim bitterly criticized the North Korea policies particularly those implemented by former President Kim Dae Jung and current President Roh Moo Hyun and commented, “The past 9 years have been a time of disorder and darkness.”

He rebuked, “North Korea’s nuclear experiment was supported with the taxes produced by the people’s blood. We must not forgive this anti-demonstration which has only prolonged the life of dictator Kim Jong Il” and said, “This year, with the strength of the nation we must condemn these people.”

In addition, a “North Korea Strategy Centre” will be established with the focus on “elite” defectors. This centre will act as a stepping stone for once “elite” defectors to participate in policies towards the North.

Regarding the upcoming presidential election, the committee revealed that they would support a political party that would promise to promote the democratization of North Korea as well as improvements to human rights.

The 6 Committee members are President Hwang Jang Yop, representative Kim Sung Min of Free North Korea Broadcasting, Vice-President Kang Cheol Hwan of the North Korean Democratization Alliance, President Hong Soon Kyung of the Association of North Korean Defectors and others.