You May beat or shoot prisoners to death anywhere, any time and for any reason!

[imText1]From the beginning and throughout the eight years of my military service, the instructing officers at all levels always cautioned us against political prisoners.

“When you are on guard duty, you must always remember that the political prisoners intend to seek revenge on you, riot, and overthrow our system. Therefore, you must be always on the alert. Under no circumstances should you treat them like human beings or help them. Your negligence of duty as a guard will constitute a grave offense causing great concern to the Great and Dear Leaders. Remember this! You failure to mercilessly treat prisoners may result in your own parents being detained here. You may kill any of them anywhere and at any time if they don’t obey your orders. Remember this! They are worse than beasts so treat them accordingly. If they look up straight at your eyes when you are giving them orders, if they don’t stop work to pay you respect when you pass by, if they don’t run to you when you call them, you can punish them in any way you wish. Remember you are their “Sir” or “Lord” and, under no circumstances, allow them to disobey you!”

“Comrades! You must always remain faithful to your duty as a guard and enforce thorough and strict watch on them so that not a single political prisoner can ever escape from the detention settlement. You may not be fully aware now, but you will soon realize who are the political prisoners here.”

“The s.o.b.s here are the pro-American or Japanese elements, South Korean collaborators, those who betrayed the fatherland and the impure elements attempting to crush our state. In the past, they all sucked the blood of your grandparents, your parents and massacred innocent people! They are our enemy and devils who betrayed our Great leader and Dear leader and are bent on overthrowing the system of our Republic.”

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