Why Do Kim Jong Il’s People Go Abroad to Get Treated?

[imText1]It was revealed that Minister Kang Suk Ju of the Foreign Affairs of N. Korea is under medical treatment. He was known being sent to Moscow on business.

Likewise, in general Kim Jong Il’s families and high-ranking officials of N. Korea often go abroad to get treated.

The reason why Minister Kang visited Russia is that the medical situation of N. Korea falls behind. N. Korea provides an exclusive clinic called Pyongyang Bonghwa Clinic only for high-ranking officials, yet it only offers general treatments and surgery.

It costs a great amount of money to get treated in abroad. Kim Jong Il offers the overseas treatments only to his close people to induce their loyalty.

Former Minister Oh Jin Woo of the People’s Armed Forces made the most of the overseas treatments for the “personnel management strategy” like Kim Jong Il has done.

Oh Jin Woo, survived by a close shave with a treatment in Moscow

In 1987 Oh Iin Woo drunk a lot in Kim Jong Il’s secret party and drove his car to his house in that early morning. Finally, he had a car accident, resulting that his skull and a few ribs were broken.

Hearing about Oh Jin Woo’s accident, Kim Jong Il quickly ran to the hospital in which he was and said that, “With all means, save his life. Send for famous, great doctors whatever cost is”. Kim Jong Il strived to save the life of Oh Jing Woo.

Because during that time Kim Jong Il had concentrated on reinforcing his hereditary power, he needed Oh Jin Woo who has the supreme power in the Military authority.

However, Oh Jin Woo was seriously wounded so that he was evacuated to Moscow and then Germany with being under a general anesthesia. Oh Jin Woo survived by a close shave, producing a rumor going around that Kim Jong Il paid a great amount of money enough to ‘build a tower with gold’.

Kim Jong Il did not cherish lives of his people at all, but put his whole mind to his close people who are useful for his power.

Usually, Kim Jong Il’s families and his close people go to China, Russia or Europe to get treated, though it depends on international political situations. They favor places where can affirm their security.

Vice Chairperson Yeun Hyung Muk (Heart Disease) of the National Defense Commission and Director Lim Dong Uk(Lung cancer) of United Front Department(KWP) got treated in Russia and Bak Nam Sun (renal failure) of the Foreign Affairs and Director Cho Myeung Rok(renal failure) of General Political Bureau(MPAF) visited China to get treated.

Kim Jong Il’s families go to Europe for treatments

Minister Kim Yung Il of the Foreign Affairs, Minister Choi Ik Gyeu of Culture, Lee Eul Sul and Secretary Kim Yiung Sun of the Central Party visited to other countries to get treated.

Kim Jong Il offered his lovely actresses the overseas treatments privileges as well as his close people. He is strongly interested in movies and arts.

Kim Ryeung Lin, actor who acted in the movies such as “Flower Girl’ and ‘Bloody Sea’ get treated in Russia and O Mi Ran, representative actress of N. Korea was offered the overseas treatment.

Kim Jong Il’s families favor Europe for their treatment. It was known that Koh Young Hee, Kim Jong Il’s beloved wife got treated in her breast tumor and brain disease. Recently Kim Jeung Chul, the second son of Kim Jong Il, get treated in his sex hormone trouble.

Seung Hae Rim, the Kim Jong Il’s first unofficial wife, got treated in her mental disorder and she died there in 2002.

Also, Kim Jong Il provides the overseas treatment privileges to general people to propaganda his so called “audacious politics” if they risked their lives for Kim Jong Il’s security.

A woman officer was a representative case for it, who was seriously burned while protecting slogan sign praising Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from fire.