Who Caused the North Korean Nuclear Crisis?

[imText1]There was a time when “Northern Wind,” “Gun Wind,” “New Northern Wind,” and other northern winds swept over the South Korean politics and media. In other words, North Korea is used in the South Korean politics. According to the expressions of the scholars of ROK-DPRK relations, northern winds are a good example of the “antagonistic mutual reliance.”

Now that the North Korean nuclear crisis has reached a peak, many are debating on to where the northern winds are blowing. However, the answer is too obvious. What has called for the current nuclear crisis is one other kind of northern wind; the “Friendly Northern Wind.”

Evidence is that Kim Jong Il, who led to three million people’s death for the maintenance of his hereditary dictatorship and rules the nation with the “military first politics” using violence, is supported and called an “insightful person.” Furthermore, Kim has led the entire Korean peninsula to the dire extremity with his nuclear development, but he is still supported because “he has a point.”

You Will Get Your Back of the Head Hit By Siding with the Kim Jong Il Regime

The former South Korean president handed Kim Dae Jung over 500 Million dollars to Kim Jong Il in order to hold the South-North summit meeting. In the result, Kim Dae Jung was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.
However, the inter-Korean relations started from the summit meeting got reversed by the North Korean nuclear crisis. This was because when Kim Jong Il did wrong, there had to be a policy to criticize Kim Jong Il, but South Korea only sided with him no matter what he did.

At the time, referring to the rather temporarily improved South-North relations, the experts on North Korea asserted that North Korea is now riding a tiger’s back heading to a market economy and made a big fuss about it only focusing on the positive aspects of North Korea.

However, North Korea has chose not “appeasement and cooperation” but an extreme threat. Most of the South-North cooperative businesses were concluded in failure and the only thing still in business is tour to Kumkang Mountain. Now we can clearly understand that the few family reunions held after the South-North summit meeting were not for a true “appeasement and cooperation.”

Since the purpose was something else, we now understand the episode of October 2003 when the North Korean artists group visited Jeju Island, where they refused aboard the plane claiming that they have not received the money promised.

Inability of the Conservative left Wings Revealed

Since October 2002 when North Korea officially acknowledged its nuclear development until now, the South Korean government, the ruling party, and the pro-North Korean organizations all sided with North Korea. Even when North Korea developed nuclear and arbitrarily manipulated South-North relations and invaded the NLL and caused military confrontation, they were consistent in supporting North Korea. This is because they had to stick to their ideological beliefs and their policy.

Then now, the government pretends it does not know, “We don’t understand why North Korea is acting this way.” They have no explanation about the North Korean nuclear development, which they previously claimed to “have a point.”

For this reason we become suspicious that whether or not they tried to use “Sunshine policy” and “appeasement and cooperation” for their own political purposes. One of the “progressive”(?) politicians said, there is nothing wrong with the North Korean regime that pursues nuclear development but the crisis came with the pressure toward North Korea. This kind of remark is the good example of a “Friendly Northern Wind,” which is part of an effort to do an “elicit union” with North Korea.

Crisis was brought by the “Friendly Northern Wind”

The northern winds, mostly appeared at politically important occasions such as president elections, always left some doubts but soon disappeared. However, the current nuclear crisis requests for us to ask where the “Crisis of our Minjok (one-nation)” is coming from. This is to prevent likely crises in the future.

The reason why I believe there was a “Friendly Northern Wind” in the nuclear crisis is because although free democracy and an absolute dictatorship cannot make an appeasement, the current government asserted that it is possible. The crisis is a result of the “progressive” political party, which has obtained its justice through protest against the military governments in the past, rather than criticizing the dictatorship, supported it.

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