Daily NK recently acquired a video showing six North Korean soldiers working during a designated afternoon rest period at a farm near a military base in Ryanggang Province. The video was filmed last Friday.

During the summer military exercise period (which began on July 1), the country’s military stipulates that soldiers should be on break from lunchtime to dinnertime so they can conduct their evening duties and patrols fully rested.

According to the source who took the video, soldiers are sometimes ordered to pick weeds in military-run farm fields during these designated break periods.

“Regular soldiers have to endure military-related lectures, training, and other duties during the work week, and on Saturdays they are busy with study sessions, lectures, watching [propaganda] films, and taking tests,” the source told Daily NK. “Soldiers would love to rest during the afternoons, but they are forced to work.”

The video acquired by Daily NK shows a superior officer forcing his subordinates to pick up bales of dried grass and quickly place them near where he is standing. According to the source, the superior officer is “punishing” the soldiers and trying to “improve military discipline” by forcing them to endure physical pain.



“Military officers can’t rest anymore, so they take their frustration out on their subordinates by giving them punishments involving physical pain,” the source said.

In the video, the soldiers are seen wearing face masks to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

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