Unrevealed Story of Kim Jong Suk, Mother of Kim Jong Il

[imText1]According to the results of research done by the US Development Center for Juvenile Delinquent Releases and the result of various programs to reform juvenile delinquents, 70~80% of those who can remember their mother were successfully cured while on the other hand, recovery was impossible for those who could not remember their mother. This data shows the extreme example of the influence of mothers on the formation of a person’s character.

In North Korea, Kim Jong Suk, the birth mother of Kim Jong Il, is typified as a model of a revolutionary, wife, and maternal figure, and the whole society was to learn from her. Kim Jong Suk is good at sewing, cooking, fighting, shooting guns, riding horses, assisting her husband……. Anyway, there was nothing that Kim Jong Suk can’t do, they insisted. The feature that people in North Korea accept from this super, almighty figure of Kim Jong Suk that underneath all rhetoric that exists, lies not a Kim Jong Suk as a heroine, but a real figure of Kim Jong Suk as dry robot who has no warmth or emotion. But there were opportunities to understand Kim Jong Suk as a Human being.

The history behind Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Suk, married for 10 years

In the early 1970s, anti-Japanese resistance fighter Whang Sun Hye came to recuperate at the home for honored soldiers in Whanghaenam Do Samchun Gun Dalchun, where I spent my childhood. She was the one who did the child corps work with Kim Jong Suk, the birth mother of Kim Jong Il, during the period of anti-Japanese partisan fighting. She was appointed as manager of the Chosun Revolution Museum as she gained recognition as the first meritorious retainer on raising Kim Jong Il as the successor of Kim Il Sung and recieved the best treatment among the champions of former anti-Japanese fighters. However, at that time her existence was not remarkable and I visited her office often because my elder brother and his fiancée were there. Cnce she mentioned the birth mother of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Suk, like this.

“It was in early spring of 1993 if I remember right, It was the day that comrade Kim Jong Suk met comrade Kim Il Sung for the first time, she was too excited to sleep. Even though all other comrades had no special reactions……… Anyhow there was something in comrade Kim Jong Suk.”

This signifies there must have been an initial chemical attraction between Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Suk. At that time, other female members had no reaction. This fact presents that Kim Il Sung was not a valuable person to covet at the time. However the birth year of Kim Jong Il is 1994(overwhelming people of North Korea believe that Kim Jong Il was born in 1940 or 1941 but delayed his birth year to tune the number 2 and even number with Kim Il Sung’s birth year 1942). It means Kim Jong Suk married Kim Il Sung after a decade. It is impossible to put off their marriage for 10 years without a particular secret reason for lovers who fell in love at first sight.

Kim Il Sung’s love married partisan Choi Hye Suk

That private reason was the matter. Once the one I knew in North Korea, a writer who knows every high quality information since he came from the Bo-we-bu(security police), tipped-off a reliable piece of information to me.

The love of Kim Jong Suk toward Kim Il Sung had to kept as a one-sided love for a while. Kim Il Sung was already in love with a married partisan Choi Hye Suk. Kim Jong Suk was not a person who can make little of Choi Hye Suk in any aspect such as personality, intelligence or appearance. She was able to make all kinds of clothes from underwear to outerwear for every season for Kim Il sungwith her fine sewing skills, and her cooking which she presented at every meal were impossible for other female associates even to pretend to measure up to in variety and taste.

The love of Choi Hye Suk,who was not only a perfect model of a wise mother, good wife but also outstanding woman,toward Kim Il Sung was stronger than the concern she felt for the safety of her former husband, who had been captured by the Japanese.Their marriage was arranged by her parents under the feudal Confucianist system. Choi Hye Suk left the base camp to care for injured soldiers while Kim Il Sung was in action, Japanese soldiers attacked her with the help of an inside informer.

The base camp was burned and Choi Hye Suk was caught by Japanese soldiers, she suffered a disastrous accident that caused her eyes to be scooped out and her breasts to be cut with military swords. ‘The victory of Revolution Can be Seen’ chapter in the “Volumes of Anti-Japanese Partisans” memoirs is the story about the ruthless murder incident of Choi Hye Suk.

In the history of Anti-Japanese armed struggle, Choi Hye Suk was the first and last case of a female partisan caught and punished in this way. It is said that the Japanese soldiers who got the information that Choi Hye Suk is the lover of Kim Il Sung vented their rage on their failure to catch Kim Il Sung toward Choi Hye Suk. This occured around the end of the year 1930.

Those who were former partisans are buried in Pyongyang Daesung Mountain Revolutionists Cementary, and those placed on the first row with their facial statues are the most famous figures such as Choi Yong Gun, Kim Chek, and Kim Jung Suk. It clearly shows the strong hierarchical system in North Korea, and in the row it includes facial statue of Choi Hee Suk. That was the position she obtained by being a lover of Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Il’s Dark Memory about His Dying Mother

Kim Jung Suk could finally secure her position as Kim Il Sung’s lover only after Choi Hee Suk’s death. However, five years later, Kim Jung Suk was to fight for her love once again with a young woman called Kim Sung Ae. This was because Kim Il Sung approached to Kim Sung Ae , who was the typist for the highest Soviet Military commander stationed in North Korea, with much affection.

It seemed not only was the attraction that Kim Sung Ae received was appealing but also her desperate political needs to grasp the mind of Nomanikov headquater attracted Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung’s family(ManKyung Dae family) who didn’t like people from HamKyung Do, took their part with Kim Sung Ae rather than the one from HamKyung Do, Kim Jong Suk, was worked as a reason also.

The lonely Kim Jong Suk locked the door inside and refused to let doctors in the room even though it was a difficult birth, and delivered the baby alone and died, while Kim Il Sung was out on work. (There’s a story that she was shot by Kim Il Sung during a marital fight under the influence of anger.) In short, Kim Jong Suk, the birth mother of Kim Jong Il, was pushed to death before she was able have to hold the faith of the people because she abused her love for her whole life, it was an insecure life of the one who ended up with deliquence toward the world.

It is not hard to guess that Kim Jong Il received some divine revelation about this world and people from his mother. Because it’s hard to find another name than international delinquent with the attitudes that he has demonstrated.

The delinquency of Kim Jong Il is 20~30% impossible to cure even though they can remember their mother. The news of holocaust of North Korean defectors from North Korea is ensuring that sorrowful guess.

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