Strategy to ‘Encircle the North Korean Regime’ (2)

[imText1]Hwang Jang Yop, the chairman of North Korea Democratization Committee, kept saying that China is holding the key to solve the North Korean nuclear issue and that the crucial point is how South Korea acts toward the issue. What is the strategy to change North Korea? See below to check out his latest opinions about the situation of Northeast Asia since North Korea’s declaration of nuclear weapon state (Feb. 10) and North Korea as an issue.

– By what kind of promise between the US and China can make an agreement to resignation of the Kim Jong Il regime?

What China is worried about is US presense reaching up to the Yalu River. The US should try to tell China that they have no intention to do that. The problem which the US faces right now, is making North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons. Therefore, what the US has to do is to take the position, that it wants the change of the Suryeong dictatorship. Once the dictatorship is dismantled, North Korea can open its door as China did. At this stage, the US should clearly its position known to China.

US declares not to involve in post Kim Jong Il North Korea

The US should send a signal to China that “the US does not want a pro-America government to be set up after the collapse of the Kim Jong Il regime.” What the US can say about North Korea’s new government is “reform and liberalization like Chinese style and then both nuclear and peace isseus in Korean peninsula shall be solved.”

If so, the US will not care even if post Kim Jong Il government enters into diplomatic relation with Japan and will see progress of the Korean peninsula peace pacts. It would be better for the US sending a message, “keep friendly relation with North Korea”, to China. The US should show China where they stand at the same time.

If China does not respond to theUS attitude and want to maintain its alliance with Kim Jong Il, the US should take a decisive step. The US must not treat China as a companion anymore. The US can support independence of Taiwan. The US has been supporting ‘One China Policy’ in order to keep a friendly relationship with China. There is no reason for the US supports it anymore. It has to express that it can support nuclear armament of Taiwan and Japan. For the trade partnership which China put all their efforts into, the US also has to express a possible sanction against China cooperating with the EU.

– Do you really think that the US can apply this kind of strategy and take an action?

What China needs right now is peace and high growth. They do not want to be affected by Kim Jong Il. A new North Korean government might be pro-Chinese government. It is the quickest way. The problem is whether the Bush administration can handle it or not. I personally think that there is a low possibility. Why do I think like that? It is because the US does not know that such a solution is the solution one for the future development of the US and the world. The US still regards North Korean issue as a minor problem. That is why not many people in the US agree with this kind suggestion. The US would be against even the nuclear armament of Japan.

The South Korean government will play an important role to solve the North Korean issue

– In which case will the US not able to stabd against it?

If the South Korean governments supports it, everything will be ok. South Korea is the owner of the Korean peninsula. If the South Korean government insists the US that we have to make China remain in on our side to make Kim Jong Il regime collapse peacefully, then there is nothing the US government can do. Who will be against it when the owner supports it? If the South Korean government insists it strongly and presents the solution for the problem of the Korean peninsula, there is nothing the US government can do, but follow us. Existence of the Kim Jong Il regime depends on China, and the South Korean government has the key to separate China from North Korea.

– In South Korea, people try to keep the US distanced and embrace North Korea and China. What do you think about it?

The US government also made a mistake over it. They overlooked rising of anti-America sentiments in South Korea. They don’t take any actions to prevent growing pro-North Korea and anti-Americanism power. They are just discontented with the anti-America sentiments and they do not take any action to prevent this kind of sentiments. They should try to let people in South Korea know about necessity of the ROK-US alliance and the importance of democratic solidarity.

No need to worry about setting up of a pro-Chinese government

– Some people are worryed about setting up a pro-Chinese government in North Korea.

Some people are worried about it. They think if North Korea sides with China continuously, the unification will be impossible and China would keep controlling North Korea. However, there’s no reason to worry about it. China does not have a power to be greedy to take North Korean territory. There is nothing China can get in North Korea. People in North Korea would have to decide their destiny by themselves, so there is no need to worry about it.

– Is there any chance that Chinese army will be stationed in North Korea when something’s going on in North Korea?

People in China would not do that. There is no need for China to be stationed in Manchu. Standing by is enough for them. They will not cause any trouble. There are already many troubled areas, so they will not trouble themselves in such a way. There is no need to worry about it. What they do care, though, is for the US to enter into North Korea. We can say that they are not interested in taking North Korean territory.

– Do you mean if Kim Jong Il regime is dismantled, there is no problem of how the next government builds its diplomatic relations?

If Kim Jong Il regime is dismantled, the most important problem is solved. Root of the evil and unhappiness are from Kim Jong Il and the dictatorship. If the Kim Jong Il regime is dismantled, the effect will be enormous. Dramatic changes will be followed in North Korea. Capital and technology will flow into North Korea, and the defectors can return back to North Korea and start a business. If so, there might be no problem politically and economically. People in North Korea will work hard to catch up with South Korea. Social atmosphere should be set up for North Korea to focus on economic development.

If Kim Jong Il regime is dismantled, it means a half unification

If Kim Jong Il regime is dismantled, we achieve a half unification. Kim Jong Il regime should be dismantled as soon as possible for the unification. You can see how important it is, right? There is no need to discuss about whether the regime is to be pro-China or pro-America at this stage.

– Globalization means global democratization.

Nobody can stop globalization at this moment. Nobody can stop it whether it is good or bad. Globalization means changing living style based on a nation (state) to the one based on the world. It is a huge change, so it is not that easy as we think. What we have to think about is to decide on how we will make globalization.

Communism in the past suggested realization of globalization with the class theory, but it failed. Now it is time for making globalization with democracy. It is a historical trend.

– The Bush administration also emphasizes ‘spreading of freedom’.

The US should start it first. The US abolished racial discrimination for the first time and abolished class discrimination. The US is the advanced country of democracy and the strongest country in the world. It plays an important role. It should not be satisfied to be remained as a united states in its own country. All countries in the world should be united. There is no reason for the people in Africa and Asia stay behind of the Europeans. They also have sufficient individuality and ability. Globalization through democracy is necessary to improve their ability.

Global democratic unity among the nations should be built up. Western advanced countries should take the lead for this. Destiny of all races and countries should be taken care of by all of us. Then you will see how important the unification of two Koreas is.

Unified Korea will play an important role for the global democratization

– Why are democratization in North Korea and unified Korea important for global democratization?

North Korea wants to take an advantage by inducing conflict between the US-China, the US- Russia, and ROK-Japan. The Kim Jong Il dictatorship is the most villainous dictatorship in the world. South Korea, US, Japan and China should cut off the connection with the dictatorship. If the US-China, and ROK-Japan strengthen their solidarity, global democratization shall be progressed rapidly. The EU shall be participated in us and India should follow us. Imagine how powerful it is if we conduct global democratization. Surrounding countries including the US should know that the unified Korea is located in the important position for the global democratization.

– After collapsing of Kim Jong Il regime, what’s the first thing we have to do?

After ousting Kim Jong Il regime, making a reform and opening as China did is he first step. Opening and reform is important for not only peaceful Korean peninsula and nuclear problem but also global democratization. We should see North Korea issue as not Korean peninsula problem but global democratization problem.

Democracy is not completed by demonstration only

– President Roh makes attacks against all successive governments saying liquidation of the problems in the past. How do you evaluate all successive governments in democratic development way?

Democracy is not completed by demonstration only. If democracy is completed by demonstrations on the streets, all countries shall be the advanced democratic country. First of all, economy should be developed. All people in South Korea played an important role so far. All people like professors and labors contributed to development of democracy in South Korea. Religious people also contributed to development of democracy in South Korea. Just demonstration does not mean development of democracy. Democracy means development of politics, economy and culture all together. Democracy can’t be completed by system only. Democracy is the result of cooperation by all people.

– What kind of attitude do we need to solve current issues such as North Korea nuclear issue?

Some people insist that holding dialogues is the only way to deal with the communism country. Those who insists it do not know about communism. North Korea is a despotic country. ‘Pacifists’ beg peace to Kim Jong Il. They should not do that. For real peace, power of democracy should be strengthened and power of dictatorship should be weakened. If a country brings a war and develops nuclear, we have to let the country know that a hardhearted punishment from the world society shall be followed. It was impossible to end the Cold War without economic power, scientific technology and military power of the US. Violence such as nuclear weapon should be confronted decisively to maintain peace.

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