Spiritually Arming the Young a Priority

Pyongyang Broadcast has emphasized the importance of arming the North Korean young spiritually, and criticized the anti-regime activities of young people which led to the collapse of the Eastern Europe socialist bloc.

“Vigilance against anti-regime activities” and “emphasizing the spiritual armaments of the young” look like propagandist phrases attempting to reduce the possibility of democratization activities of the kind that recently brought the 30-year reign of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to an end.

According to the Ministry of Unification, Pyongyang Broadcast, during “Wise Commentary” time at 8:40PM on the evening of the 14th, quoted Kim Jong Il as saying, “One can know a country and its people by looking at the moral appearance of its new generation,” and added, “A nation and people which is ideologically and morally sick is a nation and people with no real belief, and such a people cannot avoid deterioration and collapse.”

The broadcast went on, “The youth of Eastern Europe, who were at the forefront of the destruction of socialism, were soaked in the rotten, sick culture of capitalism, and this resulted in the destruction of the fruits of the revolutionary war previous generations had accomplished,” stating, “When the young became soaked in the ideology of a capitalism that knows nothing beyond money, they came to fall into a materialism that thought not of the Party and state’s benefits, not even the people’s benefits.”

“The country and people’s work depends upon how the new generation is prepared morally,” it proclaimed.

The report also went on to site youthful participation in North Korea’s satellite program and power stations now under construction as examples of the youth of North Korea helping to lever open the door to the strong and prosperous state.

Previously, on the 11th, Chosun Central News Agency carried a report rooted in similar aims, emphasizing the harmful effects of the use of 3rd generation cell phones and speaking of prisoners in U.S. jails using such phones to smuggle drugs and weapons into jail. No mention was made of the positive effect such phones appear to have had on successful Middle East and North African democratization movements in recent weeks.