Seoul Approved UN Human Rights Resolution

[imText1]South Korean government announced today to approve the UN General Assembly’s North Korean human rights resolution.
“The situation has been changed too much to keep our previous position (abstention from voting) in North Korean human rights resolutions. It has become inevitable to vote yes. ” a senior Foreign Ministry official said.

It was part of South Korean government’s endeavor to actively participate in human rights issues, insisted the FM official.

“South Korean government will continue the current peaceful-cooperation policy, try hard to improve North Korean people’s practical human rights such as freedom from starvation, in accordance with the international community,” the official added.

Before the official announcement, Song Min Soon, Foreign Minister designate, in the National Assembly hearing, said he would act ‘according to the universal value of human rights’ on the UN NK human rights resolution.

Also, the FM designate told the members of the South Korean National Assembly that ‘various topics such as North Korea’s nuclear test and missile launch’ were considered in deciding government’s policy over the resolution. And there would be no negative effect of the South Korean government’s approval of the human rights resolution on the upcoming six-party talks, Song assured.

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