Scenes of the March 1st Public Execution in North Korea

[imText1]● Scene of public execution of two people on March 1, another one on March 2nd
● Public gun shots in front of thousands of people including children
● The execution site is in Yusonnodong district of Huiryeoung city, North Hamkyung Privince
● They were shot on a charge of “assitance to and attempt for defection”
● Includes the scenes of the criminals shot and fall down.

The video that contains the scenes of public execution of gun shots has been revealed to the public for the first time. The video contains the entire proceeding, from the public trail to execution took place in Huiryeoung, North Hamkyoung Privince, about which The DailyNK( has already reported.

Kim Kwang Hye (32 yeard old, defected to South Korea in 2001), a North Korean defector from Huiryeoung, assures the reporters of the location, “the very spot where the execution is taking place in the video is Yuson-nodong district of Obong-ri in Huiryeong, North Hamkyoung Privince, which is a place where public executions (gun shot) continuously took place.”

This time, two North Korean citizens were gun shot on March 1st, and another one on March 2nd. According to the testimony of the eyewitnesses of this event who have defected to China, the criminals were punished on the charge of ‘the crime of defecting from North Korea’,

The video contains graphic scenes of the punishment in front of the public such as ▲ eleven prisoners dragged in front of a multitude of the common people ▲ public trial being done and a judge sentencing the criminals to death, and his remark of “execute now” ▲ the prisoners tied to wooden pillars, and ▲ with the sound of a gun shot, the body on the pillar pile fall forward.

Usually in North Korea, when public executions take place, the criminals are tied to a pillar and executors stand 10-15 m in front of him for a total of nine rounds of gun shot, three shots each to head, chest, and abdomen. When the criminal is shot, the rope breaks and the dead body falls forward. All of such scenes are contained in this video.

Currently, North Korea is known to be the only country where public executions take place, with the public informed (and attends to), including children. Until now, North Korea has bluntly denied such public executions of shooting takes places in the country, which the accusations made by the international human rights organizations who reported and condemned of it. However, the video clip provides real evidence of such claims and now, it seems as though the basis for the internnational criticisms on the North Korean human rights abuse has become more solid.
N-TV Japan will broadcast this vidoe clip today at 5: 25 pm through its TV program, “News Plus 1.”
The DailyNK photographed the news from N-TV, and published some parts of the still cuts of the public execution, the scenes of the criminals gun shot in the public.

[Source : Photographed the scene fro, N-tv Japan]

▲ March 1st 2005, the place is Huiryeoung City. North Korean people mobilized for the public execution. N-TV reported the number of people crowded here is about one thousand. This day, the National Security Agents in Huiryeoung city stood in every corner of in downtown city and collected people to attend the public execution.

▲ Two people tied on wooden pillars for the execution in front of the public. (1.17 identified as Factory workers, their names are Choi jae gon and Park Myung Gil. They were executed on charge of ‘assisting for defection.’)

▲ the scene of the person on left hit by the bullet and his head hanging

▲ 11 people being dragged to the place for public trial.

▲ scene of criminal being shot and falling down 1

▲ scene of criminal being shot and falling down 2

▲ scene of criminal being shot and falling down 3
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