“Russia, North Korea Sanctions Report Submitted to the U.N.” Chinese Website

[imText1]A Chinese internet portal NetEase (www.163.com) reported on the 14th that Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs may soon submit a report to the U.N. stating it will participate in the U.N. Resolution 1718.

The site citing from the Russian Foreign Affairs revealed “Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning to submit a report to the U.N. containing information about its North Korea sanction measures” and “The report states that the Russian Federation will accept and implement the U.N. North Korean Resolution 1718.”

At present the drafted report is being examined by Russian officials, reported the site.

The site also claimed “It seems that the report was drafted with Russia acknowledging the aim of the U.N. Security Council’s Resolution 1718 which is not to discipline North Korea but to seek a political resolution to the North’s nuclear program.”

The site revealed “It appears that Russia will abide by the Security Council’s resolution and place embargos on a list of North Korean import materials, equipment, goods and skills.”

Citing from yet another Russian official, the site reported “Currently, North Korea’s financial debt to Russia stands at $8bn a month” and “Not only did North Korea’s nuclear experiment on October 9th cause the North Korean-Russian relationship to deteriorate, North Korea was also hit with the freezing of funds by economic affiliates of U.N. member states.”

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