North Korean residents criticize Kim Jong Un for empty threats of war

The North Korean authorities have been promoting an atmosphere of war after announcing a statement opposing the latest UNSC resolution. However, the residents of North Korea are said to be becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the regime, criticizing Kim Jong Un for making empty threats without taking action. 
Recently, Kim Jong Un appeared on Korean Central Television (KCTV), visiting the country’s Strategic Headquarters to assess strategies for firing at Guam on August 15. But residents have been critical of the footage as nothing more than rhetorical bluster.
“The residents are saying that it’s been more than half a century since the regime made threats to turn South Korea and the US into a sea of fire,” a source in Ryanggang Province told Daily NK on August 24.
“However, South Korea has instead become a country to be envied and longed for by the people of North Korea.”
According to the source, this has been influenced by outside information received through movies and TV series. More and more residents are beginning to ignore the one-sided propaganda espoused by the regime and are forming their own opinions freely.
“An increasing number of residents are pointing out that, for them [the North Korean people], provoking the US is a losing battle. We are the ones who suffer from the regime’s belligerent behavior with no consideration for reconciliation and cooperation,” he added.
Some residents are said to be welcoming the regime’s propaganda that a war is imminent, a source in North Hamgyong Province said. We want the suffering to finally end even if it means losing a war,” he said.
“Kim Jong Un is using the same old strategy of his grandfather (Kim Il Sung) and father (Kim Jong Il) to consolidate the population with threats of war, but it is not really effective anymore.”
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