Daily NK has learned that since the restoration of the inter-Korean hotline, the ruling party committee of North Hamgyong Province has held two or more propaganda and ideological training sessions for provincial party cadres related to the hotline.

According to a Daily NK source in North Hamgyong Province on Tuesday, the Central Committee on Oct. 4 informed provincial party committees of its intention to restore the hotline. The North Hamgyong Province party committee responded with two propaganda and ideological training sessions for cadres on Oct. 5 and Oct. 8.

During the sessions, the provincial party committee repeatedly said the restoration of the hotline represented the “broad magnanimity and strategy” of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. It also stressed that party cadres must abandon any illusions about South Korea.

In fact, the source said the provincial party told the cadres that “South Korean authorities and all walks of life in South Korea” are “engulfed in applause and concern” for the “magnanimity and majesty” of Kim, who “gave them another opportunity to restart the inter-Korean hotline.”

A picture of Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province, taken in February 2018. / Image: Daily NK

He added that the provincial party said that if South Korean authorities cannot “come to their senses” despite Kim’s generosity and “properly resolve the grave issues facing inter-Korean relations,” they will once again “sin against the people of the North and South, and they will one day face stern judgement in the name of the people.”

The source said the provincial committee stressed that holding illusions or hopes regarding South Korea was a “foolish act.”

The provincial party in particular said hoping for South Korean economic aid amounted to “pinning your hopes on class enemies rather than having faith in the party,” and that cadres should “absolutely abandon their illusions” and “educate their subordinates well.”

The source said the provincial party said all cadres should thoroughly instruct residents as to the party’s intention and ideology regarding the restoration of the inter-Korean hotline. They should also abandon gripes about supplies and conditions in carrying out their economic tasks, exercise the “spirit of self-reliance” and “carry out their tasks without fail.”

The provincial party also apparently appealed to cadres to understand that the party, military and people — armed with “strong power of national defense” — will never forgive South Korean authorities if they “can’t come to their senses,” and that they should be on “high alert” against the “anti-Republic policies” of “hostile forces.”

The source said the provincial party called on all cadres and citizens to be perpetually alert, for organizational units to keep a keen eye on their surroundings and to establish a reporting system in accordance with the party slogan of “producing, studying and living like anti-Japanese guerilla fighters.”

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