Kim Will Never Admit Terror Guilt

Committee for Democratization of North Korea Chairman Hwang Jang Yop believes that “Kim Jong Il is a guy who never admits his guilt.”

At an event to celebrate the publication of his newest book, “On Logic”, on Wednesday, Hwang explained, “It is indisputable that Kim Jong Il attacked the Cheonan. We don’t even need to ask for an apology. We have to prepare what we must.”

To illustrate his point, Hwang, who has more direct experience of Kim Jong Il and his working style than almost anyone else, introduced the story of a meeting between Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung right after the Rangoon Bombing of 1983, when North Korean agents tried and failed to kill then-South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan but succeeded in killing a number of other high officials at the Martyr’s Mausoleum in Rangoon, the former capital of Myanmar.

“Kim Jong Il boasted that the Aung San terrorist incident was a success for his secret agents, but once the terrorists were caught and North Korea’s involvement revealed, world opinion turned against North Korea. Then, Kim Il Sung said ‘World opinion has gone bad, why don’t we say that the military did it of its own accord?’ But Kim Jong Il vehemently opposed the idea.”

Hwang went on, “Kim Il Sung knows when to retreat before a huge fault, but Kim Jong Il never admits his guilt,” adding, “Kim Jong Il is a guy who only does bad things. There is nothing to be surprised about here.”

Hwang also compared North Korean military threats to turn Seoul into a “sea of fire” if loudspeaker broadcasting is resumed across the DMZ as the act of a rat forced into a corner.

South Korea is a cat, he said, which has achieved a miracle, but the problem is that the cat is trying to escape before the rat’s blackmail, and will not stand against it.

Hwang explained, “We cannot be relaxed just because we have a strong economy. If there were just twenty five pro-Kim Jong Il people, we would have to be vigilant, but he actually has 25% of the people. What kind of country is this?”

He emphasized, “Using sunshine to help Kim Jong Il, a fellow Korean, will return to us in the form of missiles, nuclear weapons and attacks. There is no theory needed to explain this.”

More than 150 people attended the publishing event, including Lee Hoi Chang, conservative leader of the Liberty Forward Party.