“Is this a Collaboration or Sightseeing?”

[imText1]Member of the Grand National Party Cha Myong Jin was hauled by North Korean authorities for investigations after having passed ice-cream and peanuts to a North Korean guard at Mt. Geumgang. In regards to the oppressive acts by the North Korean authorities, assemblyman Cha Myong Jin said “I became skeptical as to whether this was a collaboration or sightseeing.”

At the press conference assemblyman Cha revealed “While I may have only encountered the measures stipulated by the North for going against policies, even still a member of the South Korean national assembly was detained by 10 or so North Korean soldiers for about 2 hours at Mt. Geumgang. Although careless acts were made on my part, as I carefully recount the events that occurred yesterday (17th) I wish to seek understanding (from the Korean people).”

As an adviser for the Life Movement for New Millennium, assemblyman Cha visited Onjeongri, Mt. Geumgang, North Korea. In his address to the North Koreans he said “It is the duty of any leader of a country to ensure that it’s people are full and content” at which he felt a negative response.

From then on, assemblyman Cha constantly got the feeling he was being monitored and seeing attempts by Northern affiliates to confiscate his camera during filming, he said “I became skeptical as to whether this was a collaboration or sightseeing.”

Also that evening assemblyman Cha was unable to sit at the main table in opposition by the North and while having supper at Mt. Geumgang, a Northerner attempted to confiscate Cha’s camera giving a warning ‘Our military officer is keeping an eye on you.’

The moment assemblyman Cha offered ice-cream to a soldier who was standing by the roadside for two consecutive days, a Northern officer approached and said “As you exhorted food to a soldier who is under duty, you better be detained.” Consequently, an investigation was opened lasting an hour.

In the end, as a result of assemblyman Cha’s custody, roughly 1,000 tourists who were heading back to the South were delayed for approximately 40 min. The North only agreed to settle the incident having received a promise from the South that such incidents would be prevented from occurring again.

Assemblyman Cha asserted “North Koreans do not value assistance from South Korea as help but as a remuneration. We must reconsider our assistance to North Korea on a whole, who violate tourists through control and custody.”