Infant Killed and Given to a Dog

The following incident took place in October 1987, about a month after I arrived at Life Detention Settlement No. 11. Sgt. Man-sun Kim was the deputy commander of my platoon and had sexual relations with a young female prisoner named Choi, an accountant in the 19th Unit. Sgt. Kim was handsome and kind-hearted and she wanted to have his child. She was about to deliver a baby, hidden in the farm, when she was discovered and arrested by security officers. She delivered a baby under torture. The security officers threw the newly-born infant to a dog during the course of the torture. She withstood all kind of torture and refused to reveal who the father was. They pushed a stick into her vagina and screwed it until she finally confessed. Sgt. Kim was arrested, fired and dismissed from the party immediately. He was sent to a mine in his home province.

Another incident:

A young girl prisoner, an inventory clerk, was caught pregnant at settlement No. 13 in the fall of 1989. Under torture, she confessed the name of a senior security officer.

The investigators were furious so they cut open her belly, took out the baby and killed it by stamping on it. Then, they pushed an electric pole into her vagina and killed her by electrocution.

The investigators found out that the security officer was involved in sexual relations with other prisoners and privately helping them. He killed himself with his pistol in his office. This incident was regarded as a disgrace to all the security officers who knew about this and tried to cover it up.

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