Google Earth Torpedoes North Korean Lie

[imText1]Six 29m long Yeoneo class midget submarines at anchor have been identified on new Google Earth images of Cape Beepa, a North Korean naval base on its West Sea coast, clearly refuting claims that North Korea possesses no such submarine.

The analysis results released yesterday by the Seong Young Seon of Future Hope Union clearly reveal six Yeoneo class submarines alongside one 37m Sangeo class and three 75m long Romeo class vessels.

In a May 28th presentation, members of North Korea’s National Defense Commission contested that, “North Korea possesses neither Yeoneo class, Sangeo class nor any 130-ton submarines,” a claim that was itself refuted by a rather fuzzy image of just such a submarine captured by the South Korean military in 2004.

However, the photos released yesterday surpass that, and others released by the Ministry of National Defense dating from 2006, and offer almost irrefutable evidence of the existence of the submarines.

Cape Beepa is the base from which two submarines, which disappeared from images two days prior to the sinking of the Cheonan and are suspected of having attacked it, were launched.

According to Song, “If North Korea intends to produce a web of denial for the Cheonan attack; it must show the basis for that,” adding, “Contrary to showing remorse, these satellite images also prove that the ‘information’ about operations at low sea levels which North Korea displayed at the embassies of various nations is a foolish lie.”