Elvis Kim Jong Il? Netizen, Opens Kim Jong Il Parody

[imText1]The ‘Kim Jong Il Gallery’ is drawing great attention. The recently opened internet community website (www.dcinside.com) has been controversial due to parodic pictures of socially leading figures.

This past January 11th, Dcinside opened the “Kim Jong Il Gallery’ in the category of ‘figures and others’. It is getting great interest from netizens so that in only three days, around 200 replies were posted on the bulletin board of the gallery.

On the bulletin board, varied opinions of the ‘Kim Jong Il Gallery’ appeared, such as, “Why make this kind of gallery?” and “Jong Il might visit it, though.”

A manager of Dcinside guaranteed maximum opportunity for netizens to show their outspoken opinions, by posting the introduction, “Please insert only pictures and matters related to Kim Jong Il, otherwise they will be deleted or moved elsewhere” on the bulletin board.

The Dcinside party stated, “We opened it according to the suggestion that as there is a Korean politicians gallery, what about opening a Kim Jong Il gallery?” adding that, “It reflects that Kim Jong Il is being raised as a socially concerned figure.”

Also, the party said, “Because it is now the beginning of the gallery, snide remarks are generally posted. However, once stabilized, netizens will post plenty of fun and unique parodies or composite photographs about Kim Jong Il.”

Netizens make visitors burst out laughing by posting parodies made up of caricatures of Kim Jong Il.

The parodies humorously emphasize his physical features such as his unique curly hair and pot belly or presente composite photographs containing an image of the dictator. Recent issues such as the counterfeit dollars, kidnapping or the draconian National Security Law are also presented.

Since there are few pictures of Kim Jong Il due to him being unexposed to the press, the wit of the netizens who made the composite photographs look better.


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