Corpses Buried and Found at Hillside

Once, we children were clearing the land for farmland expansion. Bulldozers removed the bushes and clear the land for us to till. Shortly after the bulldozers began to move, I began to feel like vomiting. Other children began to complain, “What’s that smell! Where is this nasty smell coming from!” “I can’t breathe,” another child said. We looked at the bulldozers and were so shocked to see so many corpses uncovered by the bulldozers. The corpses were partly fresh and rotten, arms and legs broken and skulls crushed! The bulldozers stopped moving. We were so used to death but this was so shocking. I vomited. The other children all ran away. I also wanted to follow my friends but I could not move. I was very lucky not to faint.

About two hours later, a bunch of prisoners arrived, dug a big hole at the foot of the mountain and dumped the corpses, some fifty of them, into the hole. The prisoners also closed their noses while working. One of them fainted. Then they covered the hole. The land was tilled and corn was planted.

Since then, no one wanted to work in that field. The security officers needed to use force to bring the prisoners here for work. One of the female prisoners was forced to work here one day and, as feared, came upon some human bones. She ran away from the work.

Strangely, the corn crop from the field that autumn was very large, considerably larger than the other fields.

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