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May 25, 2020
corruption graduates

Around 100 top technology university graduates join military

North Korea recently recruited at least 100 of the most capable graduates from the country's top technology-related universities to join the command centers of...
school reopen

North Korean schools to reopen on the first of June

North Korea's education ministry recently announced that child care centers, preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools will reopen on June 1, Daily...
hyesan leaker bribe elderly

Elderly Ryanggang Province resident pays bribe to escape punishment

An elderly North Korean man living in Ryanggang Province was recently arrested and then released after paying a bribe to a local law enforcement...
dandong trucks donju public bonds

N. Korea takes further steps to sell public bonds to the donju

North Korea recently upgraded the status of a North Korean-Chinese joint venture company as part of efforts to encourage the sale of public bonds...
sinuiju covid-19 kilju county

N. Korea’s Kilju County faces possible outbreak of COVID-19

Officials in North Hamgyong Province’s Kilju County have recently set up a quarantine facility to house a large number of people who are suffering...
african swine fever livestock

African Swine Fever strikes pigs at N. Korean livestock farm

The mass death of livestock at a farm in North Korea’s Kangwon Province has led government officials to take urgent action to prevent the...
corruption graduates

Kim Jong Un orders military to investigate corruption

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently ordered the military to investigate and punish anyone involved in corruption, including the poor management and stealing...
8.3 earnings

N. Korea renews efforts to crack down on “8.3 Earnings” scheme

North Korean authorities have renewed efforts to crack down on a workplace exemption scheme called "8.3 Earnings" that allows workers to engage in private...
North Korean coal ship

N. Korea appears to be resuming mineral exports to China

The North Korean government appears to be resuming state-sanctioned exports of mineral resources to China as fears of COVID-19 have started to wane, Daily...

Profiling North Korea’s newest missile production facility

A facility for the manufacturing and research of various kinds of projectiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), is currently being constructed in Pyongyang’s Sinri...

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