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August 15, 2020
sinuiju apartments

Some new residents of Sinuiju apartment building bought their flats

Following North Korean state media reports that scientists and educators have begun moving into a “circular-shaped” apartment building in Sinuiju, Daily NK has learned...
guard command

Guard Command soldier’s death shrouded in mystery, even to next of kin

A woman in Chongjin was shocked to learn recently that her son, a soldier in North Korea’s Supreme Guard Command - a unit that...
shoes factory

Wonsan Shoes Factory faces investigation over deception

A shoe factory in Wonsan once hailed as an “exemplary work unit” will soon be under investigation by a team from North Korea's communist...

Amid monsoon rains, N. Korean fruit orchards face severe damage from pests

Orchards in some parts of North Korea have been severely damaged by disease and pests due to monsoon rains that began from mid-July, Daily...

Pyongyang authorities restrict traffic across two major bridges

North Korean authorities suddenly restricted traffic over two bridges in Pyongyang early this morning over concerns about the Daedong River possibly flooding nearby areas,...

Under lock down, Kaesong residents request help from relatives outside city

A growing number of residents in Kaesong Special City are struggling to make ends meet after the city was completely sealed off following the...
Musan County, North Hamgyong Province

Lecture in N. Hamgyong Province claims recent returnee heightened threat of COVID-19

A Daily NK source in North Hamgyong Province reported recently that North Korean authorities held a lecture for communist party members, workers and cadres...
research institute

No Kwang Chol takes up new position at military research institute

No Kwang Chol was transferred to a research institute affiliated with the North Korean military’s General Staff Department in May following his short-lived command...

Source: Restrictions on movements nationwide have intensified

Following the lock down of Kaesong Special City recently, North Korea has moved to enact further restrictions on movements across the entire country in...

Six N. Koreans injured in Hyesan explosions die in hospital

Six more people have died from injuries sustained in explosions that occurred in Hyesan recently and two others are in critical condition at a...

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