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March 29, 2020
farmers work

N. Korean farmers are showing up to work less than before

North Korean farmers are showing up less and less to work the fields and farm families are facing serious food shortages, Daily NK sources...
trading company

N. Korean company continues smuggling over Chinese border

A North Korean trading company that smuggled South Korean masks through a customs office in Sinuiju in early February is still smuggling in face...

Daily NK Snapshots from North Korea

Daily NK Snapshots are synopses of select articles from our Korean website. Snapshots provide a window into the Daily NK’s reporting—domestic news items that...
quarantine military

Sources: N. Korean military chief of staff quarantined, then released

The chief of staff of North Korea’s military, the country’s second-highest military leader, was quarantined and then released from isolation in February, Daily NK...
smuggling face masks

N. Korea is acquiring face masks via official smuggling operations

North Korea has been acquiring face masks through smuggling operations across the Sino-North Korean border, Daily NK has learned. “The trade ministry continues to...
musan mine

Sources: Musan Mine operating at less than half of full capacity

The continued closure of the Sino-North Korean border has led to a near shutdown of Musan Mine, North Korea’s largest iron mine, Daily NK...

N. Korea pushes workers to finish tourist zone by deadline

Military construction units at the Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourist Zone are being pushed to speed up construction to meet the project’s deadline of Apr. 15,...
face masks

N. Korea uses market forces to avoid face mask scarcity

North Korea suffered a brief shortage of face masks in early February but rebounded quickly to provide an abundant supply of masks, Daily NK...

Sources: N. Korea has released some people from quarantine

Daily NK sources in Ryanggang Province have confirmed North Korean state media reports that some of the North Koreans quarantined between Feb. 1 and...

The rise of the technocrats: Kim Yong Hwan and Ri Tae Il

The recent appointment of two Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) officials to senior posts in Pyongyang and Ryanggang Province is directly connected to important...

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