“A NK Diplomat Family Seeking a Refuge, but Employees of a NK State-owned Company”

[imText1]In the state that a North Korea diplomat family who sought a refuge to a Korean embassy in Hungary was revealed as employees of a North Korean state-owned company, they were confirmed to be under the investigation on the 28th.

After and before March 22th, the group came into and requested a refuge to the Korean embassy at Budapest of Hungary.

They were known as employees of a North Korean state-owned company, not diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Trades and Affairs in North Korean, who have carried with diplomat passports. An agency concerned announced that it is investigating them about their specific motives of seeking a refuge and others.

The South Korean agenct concerned stated on a phone interview with DailyNK “Now we cannot surely inform you of the fact”, adding “We are confirming the exact reason why they sought a refuge, and if confirmed, we will announce it”.

Meanwhile, on the 28th North Korean diplomatic sources judged “If they are not officials of the Ministry of Foreign Trades and Affairs, then they would be likely to be traders dispatched by special organizations such as the Foreign Trading, saying “Because traders who went abroad were instructed to always act in couples, a family of the groups, who is representative would be likely to have a diplomat passport, and the other have a public official passort”.

This source said “Many of North Korean traders went out in Eastern Europe”, adding “because the Korean embassy in Hungary is large, we can think that they were likely to seek a refuge in Hungary from other countries such as Yugoslavia.

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