US Site Reveals Further Prison Camp Changes

Just weeks after uncovering evidence suggesting the enlargement of Camp 14, one of North Korea’s network of political prison camps, a US-based website has uncovered further evidence of growth at another camp, Camp 25 near Chongjin in North Hamkyung Province.

Describing the new findings, North Korean Economy Watch noted in an article published earlier today, “The security perimeter has been expanded on nearly all sides. There are additional guard posts around the perimeter.”

It continued, “There has also been quite a bit of construction within the facility. The entrance to the compound has been moved to the main road. A few of the buildings have been renovated. There also appears to be a new green house.”


The growth appears to have occurred some time between August 2006 and May last year. It is unclear what the precise purpose of the changes is.

Multiple changes to the infamous North Korean political prison camp system have been revealed in recent months, beginning with the closure of Camp 22 at Hoiryeong, an event that was described in detail by Daily NK in the second and third quarters of 2012.