Unification Committee Splutters to Life

A committee created earlier this year to “prepare
for Korean unification” is to finally begin work tomorrow, President Park Geun
Hye revealed earlier today.

Speaking on the matter in a meeting of the presidential secretariat at the
Blue House on the morning of July 14th, President Park commented, “Since I announced
the inauguration of the Unification Preparatory Committee in February we have
been preparing, but due to a range of issues it has been greatly delayed.”

However, “Hereafter, we will take the
opportunity provided by the launch of this committee to arouse greater public
interest in unification and discuss alternative means of opening the
unification era,” she went on.

The committee, which is intended to lead
the way in unification research and policy, was announced as a follow-up
measure to the “unification as jackpot” comment that Park made in a New Year’s
press conference in January.

It is to be chaired by President
Park, with one deputy drawn from government, another from the private sphere, and
a group of more than 70 other subordinate personnel drawn from government, public, and
academic areas of expertize.

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