UN to Announce 21 Chinese Violations

Asahi Shinmun today reported on suspected Chinese violations of UN Security Council resolutions in its trade dealings with North Korea that are set to be officially revealed next week.

According to today’s Asahi article, the expert panel that monitors the status of UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea has recorded a total of 38 suspected violations involving the import and export of weapons and luxury goods to and from the country. The panel is set to announce that 21 of these violations involve China.

Two of China’s violations are said to relate to weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile-related items, six to other weapons and thirteen to luxury goods. The violations utilize Chinese ports and employ Chinese companies as intermediaries. Eleven transactions have been made through Dalian, the piece claimed.

Asahi claims that China initially opposed the disclosure of the expert panel report; however, Beijing finally agreed to allow the publication due to international community pressure. Therefore, it should appear at the beginning of next week.