Students’ Alliance, “Public Execution” Performance

[imText1]A performance on North Korean public executions was presented in the city of Seoul.

“People, the reason this person is being publicly executed today is not because he committed murder. The reason he is being executed is because he stole potatoes and rice because he was hungry!”

As part of the North Korea Human Rights Week events, the University Student’s Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (representative Sung Ha Yoon) presented performances at Shinchon Eagle Square and Shinchon Station on the 24th, which depicted public executions held in North Korea. Many people stopped to watch the performance and became interested in the issue.

[imText2]A display of photos depicting North Korean human rights supported the performance. The photos show female defectors in third world countries who are publicly executions or sold into slave trade, as well as women brutally beaten after being forcefully repatriated back to North Korea.

Despite the rainy weather, a hundred or so university students who participated in the event passionately spread the news of starving North Korean citizens and the truth about defectors in third world countries without any national citizenship.

In another location nearby, pro-North Korea and anti-U.S. activists planned their own event. While there were concerns of conflict, there was no real contact as the event was called off due to the rain.

Cho Eun who studies North Korean studies at Myungji University and helped organize the photo campaign said, “It is a shame that so many people don’t care. Still, this all feels worthwhile when you meet people who do take an interest and encourages us.”

Lee Seul a defector and university student said, “I feel so happy. The fact that I can do something for my motherland… I consider this amount of response a success. I believe that people will not let it go since we are one nation.”

The Students’ Alliance will continue campaigning for North Korean human rights with a press conference scheduled on the 22nd and international forums in the upcoming week.

The student’s alliance plans to hold a North Korea human rights forum on the following day at Sookmyung Women’s University with guest speakers including members of the Uri Party and Grand National Party. North Korean human rights week will end on the 26th with a closing ceremony held at Myungji University.


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