Soldier dies while trying to steal construction materials for Kim Jong Un villa

Cargo train in Pyongyang
Cargo train in Pyongyang. Image: Daily NK

A soldier stationed in North Pyongan Province who attempted to steal construction materials for the repair of a villa on Mount Myohyang belonging to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was killed after being pushed out of a train, North Korean sources report.

Despite the soldier’s death earlier this month, some 20 days have passed since the incident, as controversy continues over who is to blame for the man’s death.

“8th General Bureau soldiers were transporting the materials by train. When the train stopped at Kani Station in North Pyongan Province, a number of local soldiers ran over and began pulling materials out of the train,” said the source, who is based in Pyongyang.

The 8th General Bureau is an engineering unit focused on construction projects in Pyongyang and works on major national projects and repairs to villas owned by the leadership.

A fight broke out between the 8th General Bureau soldiers and local soldiers.

“The fight continued even after the train started moving and the 8th General Bureau soldiers pushed one of the local soldiers out of the train, and he died of his injuries from the fall,” a source in North Pyongan Province reported.

Robberies perpetrated by civilians and soldiers against trains stopping at local train stations are frequent due to the poor food situation in the country.

Controversy continues between the 8th General Bureau and the local military unit involved in the attack over who is to blame for the man’s death.

“In the past, the death of someone trying to steal materials used to repair the leader’s villa wouldn’t be controversial. Kim Jong Un, however, has said that the lives of soldiers are more valuable than construction materials, so there’s confusion about what should be done. But the local soldiers involved in the attack will likely face punishment for their actions,” the North Pyongan Province-based source said.

“The 8th General Bureau soldiers did their duty to prevent the robbery while the local soldier died while committing a crime. This means it’s likely that no one will face punishment over his death.”