SK Lists Food Aid Items

The South Korean government today transmitted to the North a list of the aid items it will deliver in response to recent flooding.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Unification reported the news this afternoon, saying, “We transmitted a communication containing a concrete list of aid items to the North this afternoon in the name of the president of the Korea National Red Cross.”

The aid includes; 1.4 million units of high protein food, 300,000 units of snacks, 1.92 million Choco Pies and 1.6 million units of instant noodles, but, as previously reported, does not include rice, wheat flour or building materials.

The aid is expected to be conveyed overland along the west and east coasts to areas of Hwanghae and Gangwon Provinces.

“We excluded North Korea’s requested food and cement, but with the exception of medicines the emergency aid was modified mostly as per the North’s request,” the spokesperson explained.